#2384 - Cisco Wireless Network Resource  

  • Position Type: Contract
  • Location: Calgary, AB

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Position Overview:

Our client has a 6 month contract for a Cisco Wireless Network resource to help them with a WiFi remediation project. They have secured a resource to oversee the architecture and help scope out the activities, however they need an additional resource to assist with the implementation.


  • Conduct a wireless network “heat mapping and roaming” survey at the Calgary office and (where appropriate/necessary) other remote locations for future analysis of access point deployment efficacy and remediation of gaps.
  • Collaborate with the Windows 10 deployment team to stabilize the Cisco Anyconnect client to provide a better wireless experience for end users
  • Produce updated wireless documentation related to the architecture and security posture of each SSID.
  • Rationalize the number of SSIDs to strengthen the security posture and simplify operations.
  • Deploy new redundant wireless controllers for the Calgary office.
  • Deploy new redundant wireless controllers in the primary datacenter to provide FlexConnect to remote sites from the Q9 Data Center.
  • Deploy new N+1 wireless controller in the secondary datacenter.
  • Update firmware of the existing wireless controllers and re-deploy them to another location to replace the end of life/support controllers.
  • Implement FlexConnect technology for all remote site access points to meet the new HA and DR design requirements.
  • Replace any access points that cannot be configured with FlexConnect technology or are at the vendor’s end of life/support.
  • Reconfigure the network design for Data Center wireless controllers to improve resilience by providing redundant links, and improve throughput by using both connected links for data.
  • Install licenses and upgrade the Cisco ISE to version 2.3.
  • Evaluate the need for APEX licensing and installation to improve end user experience

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