#2400 - Modern Desktop Service Delivery Manager    

  • Position Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Calgary, AB

AMTRA Solutions, is an Information Technology company that provides people + technology solutions. Our goal is to provide premier technical staffing services and ensure the best professional service solutions to our clients.

We are committed to providing quality opportunities with reputable companies that provide healthy, ethical and challenging work environments.

Position Overview:

AMTRA Solutions is a provider of Professional, Managed Services, and Resourcing Solutions. AMTRA is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that focuses of Windows and Devices, Intelligent Cloud Solutions, Data Platform, and Office 365 Modern Workplace solutions.

About MDM

AMTRA has developed an exclusive solution we call Modern Device Management (MDM). MDM is a service that optimizes efficiency, increase security and improves collaboration on the Windows 10 platform. MDM is designed and delivered “As A Service” by providing SECURITY | Staying ahead of attackers with continual Windows 10 improvements, PRODUCTIVITY | adding new features twice a year that add value and improve productivity, and provide DEVICES | that provide integration, performance and battery life enhancements as they continually refresh. Our MDM Solution minimizes end user disruption, with fewer changes with each release.

The MDM Service Delivery Manager

This role has two primary functions. Firstly, the individual in this role operates as a senior level customer liaison, that is responsible for the delivery, and the delivery team of the MDM Service across multiple Customers. This includes initial discovery, service implementation and transition to sustainment, as well as maintaining, reporting and taking corrective action and ensuring services meet  SLOs and SLAs across subscribers. Secondly, this individual is a technical thought leader, that works with our architectural team, with a strong technical and process driven background. This individuals is a hand-on active member of the support team, yet is always looking for ways to continuously improve upon the service levels as new technology evolves.

The MDM SDM establishes open lines of communication and trust relationships with key customer stakeholders as well as internal team members. A key responsibility of the MDM SDM is to build and drive adoption of best practices and methodologies that support best in class services excellence.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Service Delivery of MDM across new and established customer base.
  • Manages reporting around key MDM SLAs and SLOs.
  • Provides technical thought leadership around MDM maturation and continuous improvement.
  • Oversees all facets of MDM Service Delivery. Tracks trends and makes amendments as necessary.
  • Make recommendations for, and champion, process improvements.
  • Actively drives team members to continuously raise the bar on operational performance and technical capability.
  • Interface directly with clients as a trusted advisor at a senior level, discussing issues and questions relating to MDM Service Delivery.
  • Implements a resource management plan for MDM delivery and growth; reporting requirements and ensuring staffing and hiring plans are in place.
  • Chairs monthly operational reviews with customers, to report on targeted versus actual service levels, and provides corrective action plans where required.
  • Provides documentation and governance around the MDM Service, in order to ensure that it is predictable and replicatable.
  • Reports MDM Service scorecard to AMTRA Executive.
  • Tactical day to day responsibilities:
  • Queue Service Manager
  •  Monitors inbound queue, and assigns tickets to team members based on current ticket assignment volume, expertise, and project assignments
  • Gathers ServiceNow ticket data for monthly AMTRA presentation to end-customer
  • Operations Analyst
  • Takes share of ticket volume and in some cases take the majority of tasks if others are on project work
  • Documentation Owner
  • Determine gaps in documentation and create documentation or assigns to team members
  • Ensures key operational information have been replicated to AMTRA’s Sharepoint repositor
  • Customer Service Delivery Manager
  • Build Monthly services report.
  • Schedule and lead the AMTRA monthly presentation, including the dashboard and highlights from previous month’s efforts from the team.
  • Identify project work and facilitate project approval process between customer and AMTRA managers
  • Monitor current ticket assignments of team members and regularly meet as a team to go over outstanding tickets
  • Project Activity (as requested by customer)
  • Facilitate discussions and recommendations for service scope changes based on added responsibilities.

Strategic / Long-Term:

  • Queue Manager
  • Oversee ticket assignments for all AMDM clients
  • Gather ticket data for all AMDM clients
  • Create and manage a power BI dashboard with all clients at a glance
  • Technical Operations Manager
  • Determine AMTRA- approved methods of completing standard operational tasks
  • Create a central OneNote repository of standard operational procedures and ensure all ops techs are using and contributing to this repository.
  • Documentation Owner
  • Delegate creation or correction of OneNote repository entries
  • Manage format, accessibility, backup
  • AMTRA Service Delivery Manager
  • Act as technical representative for AMTRA AMDM clients
  • Present PowerBI operational dashboard monthly to AMDM clients
  • Coordinate rotation of techs to AMDM clients for back-fill-ability training and to ensure that everyone follows the same ops procedures.
  • Meet weekly with AMTRA management for reporting and coordination of staff assignments to project work

SDM qualifications:

  • Senior tech experience level in broad range of IT infra and Workstation management
  • Expert in management of Windows 10 and O365
  • Strong communication, planning, management, project management skills
  • Proper leadership fit with AMTRA culture
  • Needs to be a strategic thinker as well as low level understanding of technology and processes.

Skills Required:

  • 10+ years’ experience in operational support in enterprise size clients
  • 5+ years in a leadership role in a technical or engineering environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology or related technical discipline required
  • Accreditation in MIS or related experience
  • Strategic business focus and understanding; customer-focused perspective
  • Long-term focus and ability to make strategic recommendations and decisions surrounding difficult, complex and critical issues
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills; ability to build an open environment where conflicts as to operational and mulit-customer priorities and funding decisions can be aired and resolved in an objective manner
  • Ability to build and deliver executive-level summary reports and presentations
  • Demonstrated experience as a leader with the ability to develop talent
  • Demonstrated experience leading a team that excels at delivering technical solutions to external clients
  • Demonstrated ability to operate with complete independence and autonomy
  • Demonstrated experience building organizational relationships, partnering with and influencing executive leadership while commanding the respect of the individuals you work with across the organization
  • Expert knowledge of Microsoft technologies
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Strong time management skills and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Strong interpersonal skills (oral and written communication)

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