Real World Uses for Teams and the Power Platform

Helping Organizations Spot Opportunities for Improvement

Art of the Possible Final

With all the talk about Microsoft Teams and Power Platform capabilities, it’s difficult to know which features can be applied to meet real world business needs.  Many IT leaders understand the opportunities these tools create yet struggle to gain traction within their organizations. Simply put, the business isn’t asking for ‘this sort’ of help. 

 Get ready for that to change! 
This webinar will demonstrate practical solutions that can be implemented to enhance work processes and overcome communication challenges.  
Who should attend?  
Technical and business leaders who wish to see simple, real world use cases for Teams and the Power Platform.   

  What you'll learn:

  • How Teams and the Power Platform are better together
  • Simple process improvement solutions that can make a huge operational difference
  • How Power Apps connects internal and external resources
  • How other Office 365 tools can be easily embedded within Teams to enhance operations
  • How to approach the organization with enhancement and optimization ideas


Sean Halliday | Vice President, Operations & Innovation at AMTRA Solutions  
For over 20 years Sean has organized and enabled modern work in organizations. As an entrepreneur and recognized leader in Digital Transformation, he is an advocate for using proven technologies to change the way people work. Sean brings a business perspective to this very technical world - focusing on people and service. He is a teacher, change agent and skilled information architect, dedicated to creating game-changing innovations. 

Sean Panter | Co-Founder, Fidelity Factory
Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and the end user experience, Sean is a specialist in SharePoint collaboration solutions. He is focused on delivering the best in class support and business focused solutions in all SharePoint versions and environments; on premise, in the cloud or Office 365 based. He believes that great value can come from simple solutions.