It is likely that software licensing is a huge line item in your annual budget. How confidently can you agree with each of these statements?

  • We never pay for more than we need, we use all the licenses we purchase.
  • We are fully compliant with all our software licensing agreements.
  • Software licensing administration is not a burden on the resources of my IT department.

 At AMTRA, we understand the ambiguity associated with licensing, which is why we have launched C-SAM. If you don't confidently agree with the about statements, read more about our Asset Management service below, or give us a call today, our licensing specialists are ready to help.

C-SAM: Cloud Software Asset Management
C-SAM: Cloud Software Asset Management

The world's first Azure-based software management services.

The AMTRA Cloud SAM service minimizes software and licensing administration and delivers actionable insights to you through an online report portal. AMTRA's Software Asset Management team does all the administrative tasks so you can focus on taking the right actions. Cloud SAM gives you:

Business insights.

  • Access to 40 different software reports
  • Immediate compliance reports

Cost savings.

  • Average savings of $175 per PC
  • Pay as you go model
  • Three services levels (see below)

Efficient license management.

  • Full license management service
  • Daily updates and 24/7 access
  • No agent required on PCs
  • Implementation in 20 minutes

Which version is right for you?

C-SAM is available in basic, standard and enterprise versions so you are never paying for more than you need.

Amtra_C-Sam_Chart (1)