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Estimates project that 60% of computing will be in public clouds by 2025, so understanding your cloud options is a necessity.  Business drivers for cloud adoption include: 

  • Data center contract expiration
  • Software end of support
  • Scalable capacity needs
  • Compliance 
  • Security threats 
  • Software and hardware refresh
  • Application innovation 
  • And more 

We provide guidance on Azure best practices and present a complete program that fits your needs. Microsoft Azure helps customers make technology a business advantage by getting the most out of their IT investments, being prepared for the unexpected, getting scalable storage and enabling remote access while protecting business data.

Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Foundation uses Microsoft validated reference architectures and blue-prints.  Our experts organize workshops to define your standards for subscriptions, rights management, naming conventions, network connectivity, and security and management services.  We deliver three foundational components to move you towards an integrated IT strategy and portfolio that includes Microsoft Azure.

The Resource Governance Workshop achieves the following:

- Determinesubscription structure
Identifies security requirements
- Creates a cost management framework
- Designs a virtual network structure 

During the Configurations stage, a virtual network is connected to an on-premises data center. 

In the Deployment stage, an Active Directory domain controller deploys Azure Windows virtual machine, configures Active Directory and joins the on-premises domain. 

Workload Migration to Azure

Extended Security in the Cloud

Azure migration helps organizations keep their assets secure, optimize costs, and achieve resilience. Azure managed services can help reduce operational overheads and free up time for development and operations teams.


We create transparent and custom-made Azure Cloud Migration processes for our clients. Our team of experts makes a thorough assessment of the current assets in your environment to prepare a report. The report helps us recommend the various software and hardware changes your organization needs for a successful transit.

We migrate the existing on-premises application, infrastructure, and data to Azure cloud only when our team are absolutely sure that there no tool or technology missing. This ensures that the migration is smooth and glitch free.  Learn More

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Each Azure deployment is secure, compliant and monitored.  AMTRA has dashboards that provide complete transparency into consumption costs. This data is used to continuously optimize your environment, and ultimately lower your costs, increase time to market and decrease management overhead.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

AMTRA's disaster recovery solution leverages native Azure services to replicate your server infrastructure in the Cloud, by mirroring the complete image of your disk drives and servers, allowing your system to be restored quickly and accurately. This will eliminate long periods of downtime, data loss and potential business disruption.

This service includes doing an initial network bandwidth analysis to ensure that your network infrastructure will support live replication of all your workloads into Azure before deploying the solution. Solution will provide clients with option to perform flexible DR testing in an isolated environment without any production downtime or replication impact.

Your company can customize it’s offering by choosing what applications and data you wish to protect, how often you want to
replicate your data, and who will receive the automated reports and alerts. Learn More 


While the fundamental principles that define, ‘what is a cloud’ are the same across cloud providers, not all clouds are the same.  Your business requirements, coupled with the needs of your workload make the choice of vendor, for some, very clear. But with savvy marketing and creative sales tactics, often this clarity starts to become... cloudy.  To help restore clarity, we developed a comparison guide that looks at Azure, AWS and Google cloud solutions.  We have collected information from the platforms, 3rd Party analysts, industry / client feedback and distilled it all in one easy to reference guide.  Download it today.  
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Still have questions? We have a team of cloud experts at AMTRA that are ready to help you understand the pros and cons, specific to your needs.