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New Year, Healthy... Databases?

Find out instantly how to keep your SQL Server environment running smoothly with our FREE one-page report with actionable recommendations.

It's January and everyone is talking about their new workouts, nutrition programs and resolutions to get or stay healthy. At AMTRA, our resolution was to improve our database health! It is that important!Take a moment and think about the core business functions that rely on a database? What happens if there is a failure and your systems don't have access to the data residing on those databases? Big problem right?

Putting malware or disasters aside for a moment, errors and database failures can be avoided by ensuring you are maintaining their health. By identifying unhealthy characteristics of your database early you can take actions to remmediate them which can help you avoid any unplanned downtime. 

Now, imagine this: What if you could find out instantly the actions you could take to easily keep your Microsoft SQL Server environment running smoothly?

Imagine no longer: you can! AMTRA Solutions is offering a FREE one-page report with actionable recommendations. 

Get immediate results after running the healthcheck

  • It's fast so minimal slow downs (if any) will only be a minute
  • No restart is required
  • SQL 2005 through 2017 supported

While we are all thinking about getting healthy in the New Year, let's not forget about our databases. Don't delay and register now to get started on your SQL Server Health Check now. 

Register for the Database Health Check


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