Your business has a vision for where it wants to go.  You also have a clear picture of where you are today.

The question becomes, how do you get from here to there, in the right way? Does this scenario sound familiar to your team or organization? It should, as these are the questions facing organizations in every industry, of all sizes. 

That is why we created the Capability Framework. This proprietary framework goes beyond the development of traditional technology roadmaps and provides you with a thorough analysis of your current capabilities across people, process and technology, coupled with a detailed recipe book with the steps required to take you from your current state to your desired end state. 

The Capability Framework can handle even the most complex of scenarios. 

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Capability Framework Overview

The first step is to understand what problem needs to be solved, or question needs to be answered. The framework can help with things like:

  • Are we ready to move to the cloud? If so, which workloads and which cloud?
  • What technology should we adopt?
  • Do we have the right team and tool to support ongoing management?
  • How do we support transition and adoption?  

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we follow our proven process and leverage our proprietary tools to help you find the answers. 

1. Data Collection

Using a questionnaire focused on 8 critical areas and a team of AMTRA architects completing a formal discovery, an AMTRA Customer Success Manager collects all the required inputs. 

2. Framework Engine

Data inputs are fed into our proprietary Framework Engine which generates a baseline report detailing capability measurements across people, process and technology. 

3. Recipe Book

Our team analyzes the report and adds another layer of insight to provide a detailed recipe book for each step required to move the customer from their current state to their desired state in each capability area. 


Want a handy overview of AMTRA's Capability Framework. Download our datasheet and use it to begin the discussion with your team. What problems do you want the Framework to help you solve?

Download the Infrastructure Assessment

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