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Modern Work Workshops


Enable Frontline 

Microsoft Teams is designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. With the Enable Frontline Workshop, customers will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for their frontline workforce.

Hybrid Meetings 

The Hybrid Meetings Workshop is a modular engagement to help define our client's business priorities and scenarios that drive hybrid work. This workshop engagement is designed to showcase hybrid meetings through ‘art of the possible’ immersive experiences, use case design, and deep dive planning resulting with actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms.  ​

Modernize Communications 

Introducing the Modernize Communications Workshop – a modular engagement to experience the vision for Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios. This workshop is designed to guide clients through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality, integrated calling. Through ‘Art of the Possible’ demonstrations, use-case design, and deep-dive planning you will obtain actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams phone.

Teams Apps & Solutions

We'll show clients what the Microsoft Teams platform can do for their organization. We walk our clients through the Art of the Possible, working with them to identify and prioritize key business scenarios to help solve their specific collaboration challenges. During the workshop, we’ll show them opportunities to customize and extend their Microsoft Teams workspace using the power of automation. Then, we'll will design a plan that leverages Microsoft Teams platform capabilities to help them move forward. ​

Transition to Cloud

Productivity and teamwork are fundamental to build resilience for people, teams, and organizations. ​This workshop teaches clients how to empower people to be more productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.​ With this two-day workshop, we’ll show clients how to use Microsoft technologies to: 

  • Provide meeting and collaboration experiences ​to connect teams remotely and onsite. ​
  • Secure your business with technology you can trust.​
  • Consolidate to one cost-effective solution to simplify IT management and reduce spending.

Microsoft Funding Available!

Microsoft is providing a limited number of funded assessments for qualified customers to help you get started. Connect with us today to learn more about how you can qualify for funded workshops.