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At AMTRA, our principal service is placing IT professionals. Our team of recruiters specialize in IT and are well-networked. They will effectively work with you to identify your key criteria for making the next move including permanent and short-term positions. We then source opportunities that match your requirements and work with you to find the best employment opportunity to suit your skills and expertise.


If you're looking to contribute to a company on a permanent basis, we'll uncover those opportunities for you and take you through a thorough screening process to ensure we match your ambitions with the needs of the organization. Overall, we'll assess your skills, aspirations and organizational fit.


If it is a short-term position you are seeking, we place people with clients who are looking for talent to cover major projects, peaks in workload, sickness, disability or strategic plans limiting permanent head count.
The duration of these assignments are usually 6 - 12 months and we take you through the same thorough search and assessment process used for permanent searches.


The following sections offer helpful tips and resources for anyone who is exploring a career move. These ideas will help you in your recruitment process with AMTRA.

  • Visit our Career page to apply for a job or submit your resume for future opportunities
  • Your resume
  • Getting Incorporated
  • Getting insurance


Your resume.

The following will help you write a concise, effective resume.

  • State the facts. Your resume should focus on the facts (where you worked, how long you worked there, what your title was). For each position you've held, list your responsibilities, then describe your accomplishments. This is a perfect place to showcase your strengths through your achievements. Your ability to make an impact is what employers are really looking for, so ensure you focus on what you've accomplished.

  • Simple formatting. A chronological format with concise bullet points is recommended. This makes your resume easier to read and allows employers to quickly assess your credentials.

  • Basic guidelines. Try to address any gaps in your career history, as employers will wonder about the spaces. If your career experience is short, keep your resume short. If your experience is lengthy, focus mainly on your current experience and major accomplishments. Please keep it relevant.

  • Sell your strengths. Come up with a handful of accomplishments that show your abilities.

  • Quantify your achievements. Companies are looking for people who can positively contribute to their bottom line. Hence, it is a good idea to quantify your achievements (i.e.: reduced technology expenditures in your last company by 25%; implemented a new procedure that decreased production time by 20%).

  • Intangibles. When meeting with AMTRA and our clients, don't forget the little things. Your communication style, attitude, punctuality, presentation and professionalism all go a long way in making a big impression.

  • Resume Don'ts
    • Do not falsify your achievements
    • Do not indicate salary expectations, age, religion, or SIN on your resume
    • Do not make spelling mistakes
    • Do not use poor grammar
    • Do not get too fancy by using complex formatting or too many tables
    • Don't use colored or textured paper, or include pictures
Getting incorporated.

One of the differences between a Contractor and an Employee is that Contractors charge GST for their services, in most cases. To charge GST/HST you must obtain a GST Number free of charge from the Federal Government. Here is a great place to get all the forms and information you need to complete the registration, as well as a complete list of all other forms available. To apply for a GST number on-line, go to:

Getting insurance.

Insurance is a very important element of any business. For professional contractors, you may want to consider WCB Coverage. Workers' compensation is disability insurance that provides your workers with compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. It also protects a business from lawsuit by your injured workers. In Canada, these are under the jurisdiction of the provincial governments. Depending on the province you reside in you may or may not have to carry worker's compensation. For more information on your local worker's compensation organization, and to apply for WCB Insurance, please see


AMTRA's recruiting team is ready to help you take the next step in your career. To help us serve you better, we need to know who you are and what type of role would best suit your skills and talents. To start that process register with AMTRA today.