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The way we work has changed, and more people than ever before are working remotely using mobile devices. AMTRA's Modern Device Management program introduces a new way to build, deploy and service your systems on any device. We help keep everyone secure, productive and up to date while you focus on your organizations digital transformation. 


Self Service | Employees can enroll personal devices and easily install corporate applications. 

Scalable Deployment | Enroll a large numbers of devices across your organization.  

Remote Security | Stay secure in the event of device loss or theft using remote actions such as passcode reset, data encryption or full data wipe. 

Application Control | Prevent devices from accessing specific applications or URLs and push required apps during enrollment.

Central Management | Manage everything form mobile devices to desktop computers from a single console. 

Privacy | Manage mobile applications without enrolling a device for management. 


Device Management | Enhanced Protection | Digital Compliance 

device monitor


Plan upgrades by identifying devices that are ready and identify & resolve top app/ driver compatibility blockers.


Ensure update and anti-malware compliance with timely reports for all your devices (even those on the road).


Reduce support costs by proactively identifying and remediating top end-user issues.

Project Phased Approach & On-Going Lifecycle

The Modern Device Management journey to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus is managed through our phased approach which allows our customers the ease of implementation through analytics of application and hardware readiness to the image build and implementation. The approach then validates certification for Windows 10 and corporate image by functional testing  to proceed onwards to the deployment phase of the project.


At AMTRA, we have a seamless transition from project phased approach to on-going lifecycle that offers:

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Time Efficient Processes Knowledgeable Insights Performance Key Metrics Task Automation Team Collaboration



This new service from AMTRA is making clients happy, why? Because with Windows 10 comes a new way to build, deploy and service the operating system. Many clients are discovering they don't have the resources, the skills or simply don't have the desire to allocate a team to the process. AMTRA's Modern Device Management solves that problem!With 

Mobile Device Management

Why it's Important

Whether your employees are using company owned devices, or personal ones, you want to make sure the information they are accessing is secure. The cost of lost data far outweighs the cost of a lost or stolen device, highlighting the need to ensure you have a solid MDM solution to manage, monitor and secure mobile devices. AMTRA's Mobile Device Management solution enables organizations to protect and secure their resources and data on different devices, ensuring only authorized people and devices get access to your data.  

Microsoft Intune is the answer to mitigating your security attacks and offers mobile device management and mobile application management, which increases security, user experience and offers you flexibility, choice and scale depending on your organizations needs. Intune allows you to implement mobile and app management controls so that your employees can use the devices and apps they wish, while protecting pertinent company information. Learn More 

Download our guide, 'Why Mobile Device Management is Important' to discover more about the benefits of a mobile device management program and learn more about how AMTRA can help you protect your data and mitigate security risks. 

Why Mobile Device Management is Important


Download our overview of Modern Device Management and contact us to see how we can help you secure and manage all your devices.

Download Modern Device Management Overview