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Teams Extensibility will help you create rich, customized experiences in Teams that allow your teams to work together on valuable scenarios like incident resolution, project management, and sales enablement.

You can enable u
nique workflows and scenarios, eliminate context switching, and empower users to interact and engage with their peers and be productive.


Virtual Interactions that are Natural & Engaging

Chatbots are tiny programs that help simulate interactions with customers automatically based on a set of predefined conditions, triggers or events. Conversational bots allow users to interact with their web service through text, interactive cards, and task modules.

They are incredibly flexible -a conversational bot can be everything from a few simple commands, to a complex artificial intelligence and natural language processing powered virtual assistants. They can be one aspect of a larger application, or completely stand on their own.

The advantages to chatbots include:

  • They can be proactive or reactive
  • They provide consistent responses every time
  • They can immediately respond to customers
  • They collect important data
  • They can learn from the data collected

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Production Ready Apps for Teams

App Templates 

App templates are production-ready apps for Teams that are community driven, open-source, and available on GitHub. Each app template contains detailed instructions for deploying and installing apps for customers, providing a ready-to-use app that they can install and begin using immediately. The complete source code is available as well, so they can explore it in detail, or fork the code and alter it to meet a customer’s specific needs.

There are several key benefits of using app templates:

Plug and play experience: All app templates include deployments scripts that will allow them to host all necessary services in Microsoft Azure.
    No coding is
required to deploy the apps.
Production-ready code: The app templates conform to recommended best practices around security and infrastructure, and all community
changes to them are reviewed to ensure continued conformance.
Customizable and extensible: While all app templates are ready to deploy as they are, Microsoft provides the entire code base and deployment
    scripts so
that they can easily customize or extend them to fit a customer’s unique needs.
Detailed documentation & support: All app templates are accompanied by end-to-end documentation on solution architecture, deployment, and
    configuration steps.

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Configurable Tabs 
Tabs are Teams-aware webpages embedded in Teams. They can be added as part of a channel inside a team, a group chat or as a personal app for an individual user. The following are some of the common user scenarios of why they would extend their app with a configurable Tab.

Scenario | Bring an existing web-based resource inside Teams.
Example | They create a personal tab in their Teams app that presents an informational corporate website to users.

Scenario | Add support pages to a Teams bot or messaging extension.
Example | They create personal tabs that provide about and help webpage content to users.

Scenario |Provide access to items that their users interact with regularly for cooperative dialogue and collaboration.
Example |They create a channel/group tab with deep linking to individual items.

Power Platform 
Build Solutions Quickly 

Microsoft Power Platform delivers innovative business solutions across a seamlessly integrated platform.

Power BI,
Power Apps, Power Automate and Microsoft Flow allow any business to analyze and visualize real-time business performance, quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows and integrate AI capabilities.

Power Apps
Build apps in hours that easily connect to data, use Excel-like expressions to add logic and run on the web, iOs and Android.

Power Automate 
Include powerful workflow automation directly in your apps with a no-code approach that connects to hundreds of popular apps and services.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow can be used to create, manage, receive and send approval scan be reviewed, and flows launched with the Flow Bot. This provides endless opportunities when it comes to automating activities and tasks within Teams and well as providing updates to a Teams channel, again, keeping users productive by providing the relevant information to them directly within Teams.

Power BI
Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

AMTRA will help you light up your application innovation platform. We will work with you to create a scalable platform that strikes a balance between organic innovation and controlled governance. This involves a collection of best practices, templates, and decision flows to quickly implement a governance model.

Learn More about our Power Platform Accelerator solutions. 

Provisioning, Governance & Automation

Protect Business & People Assets

AMTRA has partnerships with Provision Point and Modality to help you establish security driven governance and automation in the cloud.

We'll help you establish provisioning and compliance policies and best practices to improve adoption and reduce service desk instances.

Provision Point 
Provision Point enables self-service governance for Microsoft 365 Workspaces and Permissions. Designed from the cloud-up for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, Planner Plans and Yammer Communities, Provision Point gives control to administrators, self-service empowerment to users and peace of mind to management.   

Everyday activity in Microsoft Teams generates more data, building a bigger picture of how your organization operates
With Modality, you can harness Teamwork Analytics to deliver powerful insights and automate user notifications to aid adoption, governance and performance from your Microsoft Teams investment.

Their Azure-automated notifications proactively tackle threats and identify opportunities across the Teams environment, acting on compliance breaches, adoption misfires and call quality issues, including those experienced by remote workers.

Give us a call to see how AMTRA can partner to deliver full governance, total transparency, security and ease of deployment to your next organization.