Drive Teams Adoption and Advance your Employees' Digital Transformation   

AMTRA’s Teams Boost program helps companies drive towards the new Modern Workplace. Our goal is to enhance Teams adoption by implementing a strategy that actively engages people.

We deliver comprehensive training programs that promote
the adoption of Teams through a proven communications approach.

Our team will deliver content to teach employees how to use Teams to perform their current tasks and how to use it as a hub for teamwork. We will focus specifically on training employees to think and work differently to achieve better results. Our Teams Boost program includes:

Working with AMTRA Teams Experts 

Dedicated team for every customer. 

Planning Session & Project Launch  

Kick off meeting to plan, coordinate and organize. 

Train the Trainer workshop

Workshop and training content provided. 

Company live session  

Recorded and live response to chat questions monitored by AMTRA . 

AMTRA 'Get Started' app for 30 days  

Standardized materials, with customized content available upon request. 

Support Team training workshop

Workshop for common issues and requests. 

Next steps recommendation documentation

How to continue progressing Teams throughout the organization. 


Support and Self-Service Information Repository    

AMTRA’s ‘Get Started’ App and Q&A Bot are part of our Teams Boost program, designed to deliver built in access to training and an ability to get real-time answers to end user questions. The ‘Get Started’ App provides communication, training and support to ensure users have quick access to the most important getting started questions.

Our Q&A Bot provides answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions and use case scenarios. The result is improved user satisfaction and a reduced burden on the IT Help Desk.




Easy-To-Use Tools

Collaborate seamlessly across devices from wherever you may be - whether you're in office, on the go, or making last-minute changes before your next meeting.

From start-to-finish, the design and strategy team provide all of the guidance and expertise necessary to build a high-conversion website.

Without rigid templates, you can build the exact type of website necessary to hit your website performance goals.