Microsoft Entra. A Single Place to Secure Identities & Access

Microsoft Entra, a single place to store identities and access.

Microsoft Entra is a family of multi-cloud identity and network access solutions that provide secure access to any resource with a single place to secure identities and access.

It offers adaptive identity and network access controls to secure access to any app or resource for every user or digital workload across your entire environment. With Microsoft Entra, you can implement consistent security policies for every user, employee, frontline worker, customer and partner. As well as apps, devices, and workloads across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Secure your Digital 'Everything'
With Microsoft Entra you get a unified identity and network access solution that makes it easier to protect your digital 'everything.'

With Entra, you can discover and right-size permissions, manage access lifecycles, and ensure least privilege access for any identity. It also reduces IT friction and improves the hybrid workforce experience with seamless access to any resource, single sign-on, user self-service management, and automated lifecycle workflows.

A New Approach
Microsoft Entra is a new approach for identity and access solutions that minimizes risks from cloud access through Microsoft Entra Permissions Management. It provides a top-level view of the permissions for all identities, actions, and resources. It also safeguards connections between people, apps, resources, and devices with multi-cloud identity and network access products.

Microsoft Entra. The Right Choice 
In summary, Microsoft Entra is an excellent solution for anyone looking to secure their identities and resources with a family of identity and network access solutions. It offers a unified identity and network access solution that makes it easier to protect your digital everything while minimizing risks from cloud access.

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