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AMTRA offers a range of compliance solutions designed to help organizations meet regulatory requirements, protect sensitive data, and ensure the security and privacy of digital assets. These compliance solutions are integral to Microsoft 365 and Azure services, addressing various aspects of compliance and data governance. These solutions empower businesses to protect sensitive information, maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations, and demonstrate their commitment to data security and privacy.

Microsoft Compliance Centre

This centralized hub provides tools and features to manage compliance-related tasks. It offers a unified dashboard for compliance management, risk assessment, and audit trail tracking.

Information Protection

Tools like Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Information Protection that enable organizations to classify, label, and protect sensitive data. This ensures data is only accessible to authorized individuals and helps prevent data leaks.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Microsoft’s DLP solution helps organizations identify and protect sensitive information across Microsoft 365 apps and services. It enforces policies to prevent unauthorized sharing of data.

eDiscovery & Legal Hold

Microsoft 365 includes eDiscovery capabilities to assist with legal and compliance investigations. It allows organizations to search and retrieve relevant data, apply legal holds, and export data for litigation purposes.

Compliance Score

This tool assesses an organization’s compliance posture and provides recommendations for improving compliance with various regulations and standards.

Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft’s security solutions, like Microsoft Defender for Office 365, offer protection against advanced threats, including phishing and malware, to safeguard data and compliance.

Business Productivity Apps

M365 includes a suite of business apps like Planner, To-Do, and Bookings, which help organizations manage tasks, schedules, and customer appointments efficiently.

Retention & Archiving

Microsoft 365 provides options for setting retention policies, archiving emails, and managing data lifecycle to meet regulatory requirements for data retention and deletion.

Data Subject Requests (DSR) Management

Organizations can use Microsoft tools to efficiently respond to data subject requests under GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Audit & Monitoring

Microsoft offers extensive audit and monitoring capabilities across its services, helping organizations track user activities, detect potential threats, and maintain compliance records.


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