If you have questions about the different aspects that go into the Microsoft licensing agreements, you aren’t alone. There is a lot of complexity to understanding the rights needed to install and use Microsoft software and cloud services, and how to make sure you have exactly what you need.

Contact us today to work with one of our licensing specialists and find the right agreement for your organization based on your specific needs and requirements.

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As a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP, by working with AMTRA you can feel confident that you will:

  • Have the right sized licensing agreement tailored to your business needs.
  • A trusted advisor to make sure you have what you need today with a plan for tomorrow.
  • Full service partner that can consolidate your licensing with support, services, deployment and everything you need to maximize the value of your Microsoft investments.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you are fully in compliance and won’t be left facing a true-up and unplanned expenses.

A CSP is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider, which is a special designation for Microsoft partners with a specialized set of capabilities including:

  • A provider of value-added services for Microsoft cloud technologies
  • Support & managed services provider delivering technical expertise and trouble shooting
  • Consolidated billing to simplify invoicing for Microsoft products and services

AMTRA has made investments in our team, infrastructure and our billing capabilities to meet Microsoft’s strict requirements for this designation. Talk to one of our experts today to learn how we have helped customers, reduce complexity and expenses, improve efficiency and productivity and above all have a customized solution of products and services to move their business forward.


Oracle licensing agreements have increasingly become more complex. Let AMTRA help you understand and manage your Oracle software licensing agreements (SLA). As a trusted advisor, we will present more than one option, based on future forecasting, business projections and plans. AMTRA’s seasoned analysts work alongside its clients to understand each business individually so that they can provide the best guidance and offer customized plans.

AMTRA Oracle license consultants will:

  • Optimize, customize and simplify your Oracle license agreements and support contracts.
  • Decipher and simplify your Oracle licensing and business practices. 
  • Ensure cost effective procurement of licenses and support.
  • Create flexibility within your software license agreements (SLA).
  • Offer Oracle licensing alternatives based on your Company’s business model.
  • Migrate outdated Oracle licenses and costly support.
  • Rebalance Oracle licenses to enhance and create better value from your existing Oracle.


No matter your question, concern or business size, we can make sure that you have the right-sized licensing for your needs, nothing more - nothing less.