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Security Plans That Suit Your Needs

With remote work as the new normal, organizations must rely on employees who are working out of traditional business borders. Work forces are increasingly mobile and cloud-based, with personal devices and data spread across many applications both in the cloud and on premises.

Security solutions must be able to address the evolving needs of the modern enterprise. AMTRA takes a holistic approach to modern security. Our goal is to learn about your unique needs and develop a strategic security plan that will evolve with your business. 

Using capabilities built into Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10, plus solutions provided in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security , you can manage and secure your digital data in the cloud, across devices, and on-premises. Plus, you can detect sensitive information wherever it resides, and respond to incidents as they arise.

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M365 Security

Improve your Security, Compliance and Governance

Microsoft Office 365 opens new opportunities to be more creative, productive, collaborative and always connected.  It contains powerful tools such as Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security to manage identities to streamline your compliance requirements, and ensure you're taking the necessary steps to become fully compliant.

Process, Protect and Comply with the Cloud

  • Defend against cyberthreats 
  • Keep customer data protected
  • Secure your device

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Identity & Access Management

The Right Tools to Protect Your Identity

The goal of Identity & Access Management is to equip you with the tools to better manage your identity and access controls, and stop breaches before they escalate in severity. We'll help you ensures that the proper people, have the appropriate access to technology resources.

With IAM, administrators have the tools and technologies to change a user’s role, track user activities, create reports on those activities, and enforce policies on an ongoing basis. Identity & Access Management technologies include two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication and privileged access management. 

Identity and Access Management Encompasses:  
  • How individuals are identified in a system 
  • How roles are identified in a system and how they are assigned to individuals
  • Adding, removing and updating individuals and their roles in a system
  • Assigning levels of access to individuals or groups of individuals
  • Protecting the sensitive data within the system and securing the system itself

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  • Protect against breaches
  • Deploy Zero trust
  • Collaborate securely 
  • Modernize identity
  • Securely connect all your devices
  • Protect access to apps
  • Give people control over their identity
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Threat Protection

Stop Attacks with Integrated Security

Threat protection solutions give you the visibility into threats across all your resources, tells you what’s most important, and the ability to respond swiftly across the organization.

With security information and event management and extended detection and response from Microsoft, defenders are armed with all the context and automation needed to stop even the most sophisticated attacks.

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Information Protection

Protect your Sensitive Data

Using capabilities built into Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10, plus solutions provided in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security , you can manage and secure your organization’s digital information in the cloud, across devices, and on-premises, just as you manage and secure other critical entities such as identities, devices, applications, and networks.

You can detect sensitive information wherever it resides, protect and manage it throughout its lifecycle, and respond to incidents when they arise.

As organizations move towards cloud enabled services, it becomes more and more important to ensure the appropriate tools and controls are in place to protect the organizations’ data. As data in Microsoft 365 sits outside traditional corporate data center boundaries, awareness and proactive planning for things like data loss protection and prevention of data leakage are increasingly important.

We will review your current Microsoft 365 Data Security configuration and controls compared to industry best practices and review current and desired controls for maintaining the integrity of organizational data.

The Microsoft 365 Data Security assessment includes information gathering, using targeted questions and working sessions with relevant stakeholders within the technical and operational teams. The process for the Microsoft 365 Identity Security review includes:

  • Detailed assessment of current M365 Data Security controls & configuration
  • Client workshops to understand requirements & desired level of data protection

Connect your Workforce to their Apps | Reduce risk of security breaches with strong authentication. Turn on one of the many Multi-Factor Authentication options to protect your users from 99.9% of identity attacks.

Enforce Intelligent Access Policies | Use cloud-powered AI and machine learning signals to automatically protect against identity risk before providing access. Limit access, not productivity, and use adaptive policies to protect data.

Monitor & Audit Access | Manage your identities efficiently and securely by making sure the right people have the right access to the right resources. Protect, monitor, and audit access to critical assets while helping ensure employee productivity.

Enterprise Mobility & Security 

AMTRA's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a bundle of products that allow IT teams to retain control and ensure security even though employees want to work from their own devices. It allows you to control identity and access in the Cloud, gain identity driven security, manage mobile devices and apps, protect information and visualize desktops. 

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5 Reasons to Outsource your IT Security

You know it is time to update your security practices and you want to make sure that your organization is a secure as possible to protect your data. But wait! Before you make any decisions, have you considered outsourcing your IT Security to a Managed Services Provider? If you don't think outsourcing is the right solution, think again. Download this list to learn the 5 biggest reasons why you should, some may surprise you!

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Today's Top Security Threats 

Companies need to find ways to allow location flexibility, while also keeping data safe. Though there’s a lot that’s done on an infrastructure level to keep customer data secure, the truth is your company’s data is only as secure as the weakest individual link. Basically, as long as your devices are online, you’re at risk.

To help ensure your Company's security is robust, we've compiled a checklist of security essentials to keep in mind while working remote.

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Microsoft Security Workshops 

Ready to get started? Sign up for one of our Microsoft Security Workshops today to accelerate your security journey and make sure your cloud environment is protected from potential threats. 

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