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Safeguard your people, data and infrastructure
Protecting your business against growing security threats is a huge priority. Companies of all sizes have increased their spending on cybersecurity solutions to protect their operations over the last year.  We are committed to helping you build a safer world together and helping you maximize the security you already have with your Microsoft investments.

We’re focused on five areas of expertise to help you protect your entire multi-cloud, multiplatform digital estate and leverage built-in threat intelligence.
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Cloud Security

Stop Attacks with Integrated Security

The infrastructure, data, and apps built and run in the cloud are the foundational building blocks for a modern business. As the usage of cloud services continues to grow, cyber risks and threats evolve alongside the growing demand.  AMTRA has solutions that protect every layer of the cloud across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services.  We have taken a three-fold approach to cloud security: 

  • Our cloud security posture management and cloud workload protection solutions provide an approach to realize integrated visibility, posture management, and protection across clouds. 
  • Our Cloud Access solutions provide a centralized approach to controlling and protecting the flow of, and access to, critical data across any cloud app in your organization. 
  • Application security for developers provides tools in the cloud, from development to operations, that empower you to build secure applications faster and help you protect your data throughout its life cycle.

Our Cloud Security offering includes Azure DDoS, Azure Firewall, Azure Web App Firewall, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Microsoft Defender CSPM and Microsoft Defender for EASM. 

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Threat Protection

Stop Attacks with Integrated Security

Threat protection solutions give you the visibility into threats across all your resources, tells you what’s most important, and the ability to respond swiftly across the organization.

With security information and event management and extended detection and response from Microsoft, defenders are armed with all the context and automation needed to stop even the most sophisticated attacks.

Interested in improving your security posture? Download the SIEM plus XDR product sheet. 

Download our Microsoft Sentinel overview to learn how to comprehensively collect data, detect threats, investigate incidences and respond effectively. 

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Identity & Access Management

Secure Access for a Connected World

The goal of Identity & Access Management is to equip you with the tools to better manage your identity and access controls, and stop breaches before they escalate in severity. We'll help you ensures that the proper people, have the appropriate access to technology resources.

With IAM, administrators have the tools and technologies to change a user’s role, track user activities, create reports on those activities, and enforce policies on an ongoing basis. Identity & Access Management technologies include two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication and privileged access management. Download our Entra Product Overview to learn how you can secure access to everything for everyone, by providing identity and access management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, and identity verification.  View our Microsoft Entra Permissions Manager overview to learn how you can  get comprehensive visibility and control over permissions for any identity and any resource in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Identity and Access Management Encompasses:  
  • How individuals are identified in a system 
  • How roles are identified in a system and how they are assigned to individuals
  • Adding, removing and updating individuals and their roles in a system
  • Assigning levels of access to individuals or groups of individuals
  • Protecting the sensitive data within the system and securing the system itself
  • Collaborate securely 
  • Modernize identity
  • Securely connect all your devices
  • Protect access to apps
  • Give people control over their identity
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Risk Management

Insider Risk Management

Employees now have more access to create, manage, and share data across a broad spectrum of platforms and services. In most cases, organizations have limited resources and tools to identify and mitigate organization-wide risks while also meeting compliance requirements and employee privacy standards. These risks include potential data theft by departing employees and risk of data leaks of information outside your organization by accidental oversharing or malicious intent.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management uses the full breadth of service and 3rd-party indicators to help you quickly identify, triage, and act on potentially risky activity. By using logs from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Graph, insider risk management allows you to define specific policies to identify risk indicators. After identifying the risks, you can take action to mitigate these risks, and if necessary open investigation cases and take appropriate legal action.

Endpoint Security Management

Comprehensive Endpoint Security

 Discover and secure endpoint devices across your multi-platform enterprise. AMTRA can help you gain a holistic view into your environment, mitigate advanced threats, and respond to alerts from a single, unified platform.

Gain the upper hand against sophisticated threats like ransomware and nation-state attacks.  Put time back in the hands of defenders to prioritize risks and elevate your security posture. And advance beyond endpoint silos and mature your security based on a foundation for extended detection and response and Zero Trust. 

New Tech Priorities for 2023 

As we look into 2023, it's a great time to look at the trends we expect to see this year. Are you ready to embrace a continued move to the cloud? To holistically look at security across your organization? And do you have the tools in place to ensure your data is reliable and explainable? Take a look at these priorities and let us know what you think.  
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Microsoft Entra | What to Prioritize

As our worldwide digital footprint grows, so too does our risk of cyberthreats. Clearly, organizations need to do something, but what? And how do they prioritize? What can their security teams do now to make the biggest impact? Here are some priorities we think you should consider.
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Not sure how to get started? 

Our Security Workshops are a great place to begin. We work one on one with your team to explore your current environment and make recommendations on solutions and technologies that can help deliver on your business objectives, keeping your employees engaged and your data secure.

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