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Create, connect and get more done from anywhere

Microsoft 365 helps you work smarter and faster, with tools to build and manage your business, stay connected with customers, and safeguard your data.  

It provides the tools to create, access, and edit documents, store and share files with your team, and track projects. With Microsoft 365 apps you can book client meetings, communicate with customers, and collaborate with teammates—remotely or onsite.  And with always-up-to-date security technology, you can protect and secure your most vital information, from email accounts and customer data to your team’s devices. 

Empower a Digitally Connected Workforce 
Microsoft 365 is the cloud-first platform for all the ways people work today—whenever, wherever, however. Simply put, it’s a better way to work. From collaboration to the Metaverse, see how Microsoft 365 empowers people to work in new ways while lowering costs.

Help Reduce Costs with Microsoft 365

Cut licensing costs by more than 
60%1 per user compared to a patchwork
of point solutions through consolidation
using Microsoft 365 E3.
Automate system updates and help
reduce IT management cost by up to
40% and time spent on device
management by as much as 
with Win11 Enterprise & M365 E3.
Enable a Zero Trust security model to
help reduce data breach risk by as
much as 
50%3 and overall IAM security management time by as much as 50%4
with  Microsoft 365 security solutions.





Sized for your Business

Microsoft 365 has solutions tailored to your business’s needs, whatever your company size. Find the Microsoft plan that's right for you.

Features Microsoft 365 E3 Microsoft 365 E5 Microsoft 365 F3
  Get best-in-class productivity apps combined with core security and compliance capabilities for your enterprise. Get best-in-class productivity apps and advanced security, compliance, voice and analytical capabilities for your enterprise. Formerly M365 F1 
Empower your frontline workforce with productivity apps and cloud services that allow them to do their best work.
Microsoft 365 Apps                                                                                                
Email and calendar                                                                                               
Meetings & Voice                                                                                                
Device & App Management                                                                  
Social & Intranet                                                                                              
Files & Content                                                                                             
Work Management                                                                                             
Advanced Analytics                                                               
Identity & Access Management                                                                                         
Threat Protection                                                                                        
Information Protection                                                                                         
Security Management                                                                                         
Compliance Management