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Microsoft Defender for IoT

Your dedicated solution to safeguardingyour connected devices.

Securing the future of connected devices

In an era of unparalleled connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises immense potential for innovation and efficiency. However, it also presents significant security challenges. Microsoft Defender for IoT ensures the integrity and security of your IoT ecosystem.

Why Defender for IoT?

Comprehensive Device Visibility

Gain a clear understanding of your IoT device landscape, including real-time device discovery and mapping.

Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and respond to IoT-specific threats, including anomalous device behavior and suspicious network activity.

Risk Management

Assess device vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation to reduce exposure to potential risks.

Security Recommendations

Receive actionable security recommendations to enhance your IoT device configurations and policies.

Integration with Azure

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure services for scalable, cloud-based IoT security management.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your security insights with customizable dashboards and reports, providing you with the data that matters most to your organization.

Ready to embrace the IoT revolution securely?

Our team of security experts is here to assist you in implementing Microsoft Defender for IoT tailored to your unique needs.