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Microsoft Information Protection

Discover how our advanced data protection and governance solutions can safeguard your organization’s critical information.

Empower your organization

Protect your sensitive data, maintain compliance, and confidently collaborate with Microsoft Information Protection.

Key features

Data Classification

Automatically classify and label sensitive data based on content and context.

Encryption & Rights Management

Secure data with encryption and control access with rights management.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent data leaks and protect sensitive information across Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Information Governance

Establish policies for data retention, deletion, and compliance management.

Secure Collaboration

Monitor application performance and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

Why choose Microsoft Information Protection?

Comprehensive Defense

Comprehensive Data Protection

Safeguard sensitive data across your organization's digital ecosystem.

Integrated with Microsoft 365

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 for consistent protection and compliance.
Policy Configuration

Streamlined Compliance

Simplify compliance management with built-in tools and reporting.
User Training

User Friendly Experience

Empower your users to protect sensitive data with a user-friendly interface.

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