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What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is an MDM and MAM provider for all your devices. 

Defining a mobile strategy that meets your organization's needs can be a challenge. Microsoft Intune allows you to implement mobile and app management controls so that your employees can use the devices and apps they wish, while protecting pertinent company information.

With more disparate devices, people have an increasing number of options for getting and staying connected. Employees want the freedom to access their emails, documents and contacts from anywhere, on any device.


Why Should I Migrate to Microsoft Intune?

Diverse set of tools for managing your mobile environment.

Mobile application management + device management options gives you flexibility in how you manage and secure mobile productivity.

Manageability and data protection are built into the Office mobile apps your employees use most.



Easily scale as your needs evolve and change in the future.

Offers choices, allowing you to choose whether to use device management, application management, or both.

InTune is built in the Cloud, which makes managing apps and devices quick, easy and affordable. 


Easy to Setup

Conditional access allows you to define policies that provide controls at the user, location, device, and app levels.

The Intune admin experience on Azure is optimized for cross-EMS workflows, allowing for the simple set up and management of policies.

Manage Mobile Devices & Apps from the Cloud
Intune's mobile device management and mobile app management provide data protection and compliance capabilities that allow you to choose what data different users can access, as well as what they can do with the data. 
Company Managed Devices

Include the devices you supply in single and multi-user scenarios. 

  • Enroll devices to be managed 
  • Provision settings and profiles
  • Report & measure device compliance



Employee Managed Devices

Enable productivity and security when employees bring their own devices. 

  • Report and measure device compliance
  • Remove corporate data from devices
  • Publish mobile apps to users
Third Party Managed Devices

Extend data protection to third-party devices.

  • Restrict which apps can be used to access email
  • Restrict access to managed & compliant devices

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