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AMTRA’s Adoption Change Management process is designed to prepare your business to take full advantage of Microsoft 365.  Our approach assists organizations to adapt their behavior and establish new ways to interact with colleagues and become increasingly productive in the digital workplace. 

We focus on your people because everyone views change differently. The AMTRA Adoption Change Management (ACM) program builds competence, confidence, and commitment toward Microsoft 365 and it’s business value. Our ACM framework is integrated into our project delivery framework and developed to match the Microsoft Adoption approach.

Did you know? 
  • The top reason identified for failure of technology projects is resistance to change (InfoTech Research, 2018).
  • Companies that implement change as part of their technology projects achieve 90% success in meeting project expectations (InfoTech Research, 2018)
  • 50% of transformation issues can be directly addressed by OCM

These statistics point to the importance of developing and implementing an Adoption Change Management plan.

ACM | A Critical Ingredient for Success

A Discerning Approach that considers Culture

Organizations can experience low adoption with the implementation of Microsoft 365. Despite placing best efforts, return on investment is compromised, often leaving staff frustrated and unprepared to effectively utilize the new tool sets.  AMTRA knows implementation success is highly reduced when Adoption Change Management is an after thought. Our approach includes personnel from all levels of your organization starting from the beginning of a Microsoft 365 implementation.

ACM For Organizational Support 
Moving to Microsoft 365 requires a shift in thinking in order for staff to embrace new ways of working.  AMTRA Adoption Change Management helps your team navigate the technology changes introduced with Microsoft 365, guiding teams to acquire the skills, knowledge, and behaviors essential within a modern digital workplace.  AMTRA can help your team navigate the largest barrier to adoption - resistance to change. More than 50% of the factors leading to change resistance can be mitigated through a well planned Adoption Change Management process.

Maximum TEI

 Get full value support from our team as you adopt and on-board Microsoft 365. Receive training workshops, governance & security foundations, customized materials, and more. Maximizing value of Microsoft 365.

Strategy & Support

Our team will help assist in developing an adoption and change management plan for Microsoft 365 in your environment. Receive training and communication materials to help roll out Microsoft 365. Virtual training and support sessions also available. 

Training Support

AMTRA will help provide communication and training materials for Microsoft 365. As well, deliver virtual train the trainer sessions to help your organization send out communications to workers adopting new technologies.
A Support Option to Meet your Needs! 

AMTRA offers a variety of adoption resources, training materials, guidance, and support to help with the deployment and successful implementation of the Microsoft 365 suite in your organization.

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Aligned to Microsoft’s offerings, AMTRA’s focus on Modern Workplace, Cloud Software Asset Management (C-SAM), Intelligent Cloud, and Data Analytics leverages ACM to look beyond communication and training specifics, to product functionality. Our competitive advantage is a discerning approach that  considers behaviors and cultural aspects required to move an organization to a modern workplace. 
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Our Experience

Adoption Change Management practitioners with over two decades of change management experience provide the necessary skills to guide organizations through the practices and perspectives essential to make Microsoft 365 the most important tool for workplace productivity. We help employees embrace new ways to collaborate and communicate with colleagues.  

Well planned change puts organizations on the path to not only accelerate their current implementations of Microsoft 365 but also positions them for future upgrades or the transition of applications such as Skype for Business and Yammer to Microsoft Teams.

Our goal is to create an environment where employees can enjoy secure, highly reliable platforms for exchanging ideas, having conversations, collaborating and doing their best work.
  • Streamline adoption timeline for increased productivity 
  • Prepare employees for a more flexible and engaged workplace 
  • Increase utilization of available toolsets
  • Empower the company to leverage modern digital work styles
  • Improve team efficiency and collaboration across functions 


Not sure how to get started? 

Our Employee Experience Workshops are a great place to begin. We work one on one with your team to explore your current environment and make recommendations on solutions and technologies that can help deliver on your business objectives, keeping your employees engaged and your data secure.

Employee Experience Workshops

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