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Organizations are moving to the cloud to achieve a new level of agility, while meeting high standards for data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. Moving to the cloud can also accelerate access to real-time contextual information, allowing organizations to operate in a more economical, secure, and responsive environment. 

While some of our clients are moving to the cloud, many have made investments in building datacenters and other on-premises solutions and are unsure of how cloud fits into the picture. For these clients, we talk to them about Hybrid Cloud solutions. 


Hybrid Cloud is simply a consumption model that spans different cloud types. These can include on-premises, private cloud, services provider cloud and public cloud solutions, all of which use software to manage resources in a consolidated view.

What's the biggest benefit to a hybrid cloud approach?

Different workloads have different requirements and using this approach can match the model to the specific requirements of each of your workloads, giving each application the highest level of application reliability and availability.

When looking to move workloads to the cloud from your datacenter, we recommend looking at those applications that have changing business requirements. The elasticity of the cloud can be the answer to workloads that require the agility to scale up and down quickly and ensure organizations are never paying for more than they need.

AMTRA'S Intelligent Cloud

AMTRA's Intelligent Cloud meets you where you are, and grows with you to where you want to be. Intelligent Cloud provides your business with a platform for business intelligence, data analytics, collaboration, a mobile workforce, in addition to the traditional Cloud functionalities. From a single server migration to fully Managed Services of your entire infrastructure, moving to the Cloud with AMTRA is simple, customizable, and a positive forward step for your business.

AMTRA Intelligent Cloud capabilities, is flexible and provides options on Azure including Windows, Linux VMs, Citrix, Mobile Apps, Business Analytics with Power BI, Enterprise Mobility, SQL, Oracle, and OMS. We'll help you give your developers a solution that increase their productivity by allowing them to create, deploy , and manage application in the Cloud.

Simplify Management

AMTRA has created a unique system of end-to-end management of cloud resources. The standardization allows both administrators & users to take full advantage of Cloud and hybrid Cloud environments.

Unify Security

Streamline security for your enterprise by replacing multiple processes, each with unique management systems, with AMTRA's common, role-based security model.

Customize Governance

Empower your IT teams to provide the right amount of governance for public cloud resources, and guardrails for ensuring end-user compliance with IT controls and standards.


As current business environments shift, many enterprises are emphasizing the operationalization of their budgets. The structure of Cloud services is specifically tailored to make this simpler. No more locking your business into long-term commitments that are unresponsive to changing needs. Azure consumption is elastic - you pay for what you use monthly, and are easily able to scale up or down according to your current requirements. In addition to the cost-savings you'll gain from Azure's flexibility, there are additional savings to consider with the elimination of physical hardware and maintenance.


AMTRA’s Hybrid Cloud Management offers unified monitoring of your hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises infrastructure.

Our teams perform against strict SLAs and SLOs and, with automation, will evolve your hybrid cloud operational maturity to improve ROI, security, reliability, and efficiency.


Have AMTRA Manage your Cloud Lifecycle

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (Tier 1 CSP) enables AMTRA Solutions to directly manage your Microsoft Cloud lifecycle. We utilize best practices to setup and manage your Microsoft Cloud subscriptions and licenses, offering you convenient billing options and dedicated support.

Assigning AMTRA as your Microsoft CSP is easy and does not cost you anything. Your AMTRA Executive can walk you through the process.

Services Include:

  • CSP Base Agreement Review 
  • Billing/Pricing Overview 
  • On-boarding presentation 
  • Deployment of all purchased features
  • CSP Service Support 
  • License Assessment & Recommendation 
  • Monthly Usage Reports & Invoices

Interested in learning more? Download our Cloud Solution Provider product sheet. 

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