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Microsoft Teams

Create, Communicate and Collaborate

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration and productivity app for your organization—a work space for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji! All in one, easy to use, place for your entire organization.

Teams brings together chat, collaboration, meetings and calling to:

  • Improve online meetings – reduce the number and duration of meetings. Learn more about Teams Meetings.
  • Increase productivity – decrease the number of communication tools
  • Work with confidence build with enterprise-grade security & compliance
Achieve more together with Microsoft Teams

More than just features.

Microsoft Teams is a new way of working that is aligned to the modern ways in which people naturally interact with one another. Part of Office 365, Teams is a hub for collaboration that keeps your team's chats, meetings, files, and apps together in one place.

  • Communicate more effectively | Get your team on the same page with group chat, calling online meetings and web conferencing.
  • Work better together | Join forces on files with built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.
  • Customize your work space | Add in your favorite Microsoft apps and third-party services to keep the business on-track.
  • Keep your team secure | Get end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance, powered by Office 365.
  • Unified | Everything is brought together for a seamless working experience.
Interested in how you can get the most out of Teams? Check out our e-Book where we have compiled our favorite tips and tricks.

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Connecting it all Together

Powerful, intuitive & familiar

Personalize your work space to include the apps and services you love.

  • Notifications drive action and timely responses – used sparingly
  • Tabs provide team-focused context to shared activity
  • Rich cards enable smart sharing from chats/channels
  • Bots drive focused queries in the conversation flow
  • Personal apps provide a “control center” overall view
  • Graph API aligns team/channel lifecycle with overall app flow
  • PowerApps and SharePoint Framework bridge existing solutions

If you're ready yo drive employee engagement and deliver intelligent data insights , the you are ready to explore how your organization can be more effective and inspire your employees to work better together. 

Our Teamwork Assessment will create a plan to drive successful change, enabling your employees to change the way they work. It will cover the most important aspects of change to help deliver success including training, communications, sponsors, champions, resistance management and reinforcement plans. 

Even more exciting, Microsoft is providing a limited number of funded assessments for qualified customers to help get them get started. 

Fill out the form, and we'll quickly assess if you qualify for funding. 

Teamwork Assessment 

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Understanding the Why?

Guidance for following Teams best practices.

Many service providers will tell you they can help you get Teams turned on (so can we), and many service providers will tell you they can support training on how to use Teams (so can we). However, many service providers will not tell you “Why using Teams” is better than alternative solutions (we can). 

This is a big gap, and we believe that if end users don’t know the ‘why,’ they are less likely to adopt new behaviors let alone change their routine.  We’ve come up with a new series, answering the whys and giving guidance for Teams best practices.  Each why is depicted as a decision tree to help you navigate your options and align to best practices in different scenarios. 

View Decision Trees

 It's in the Research 

To quantify the benefits of Teams, Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact study of Microsoft Teams, commissioned by Microsoft.  Forrester interviewed and surveyed over 260 customers using Teams in a wide range of industries, spanning financial services to education. 

For a standard 5,000 user organization, the study reported the following benefits: 

Teams Forrester

Supporting Functional Areas & Cross-Functional Teams

Driving improvements across every depart

From Customer Service to HR, Sales & Marketing to Engineering and Operations, Teams is helping organizations do more, faster.

While we love that we no longer live inside our email inbox, companies are using Teams to do big things that impact their business. Feature releases are so 2017, with Teams, it is about improving process and changing how we work to impact meaningful business scenarios. If you have scenarios that need a collaboration boost, give us a call to speak with our Teams experts, in the meantime, consider these:

Incident Management: Warehouses can be dangerous and when accidents happen, time is of the essence. Organizations are using Teams to pull together Operations, HR and Legal personal, both locally and at HQ, to make sure that the proper response is initiated quickly, and safety remains the top priority.

Customer Service: Bad customer service is never a good idea. Organizations are using Teams to speed up issue resolution, provide visibility into customer escalations and enable continuous knowledge sharing between shifts.

Sales & Marketing: Proposals, presentations, reports, the back and forth emailing of documents can feel out of control. With Teams, organizations are working in real-time on the same documents, sharing feedback, coordinating tasks and managing timelines without sending a single email.

How Can AMTRA help?

Your Unique Teams Journey is our Specialty.

  • Are you using Skype for Business and need to Migrate to Teams?
  • Have you been using Slack and realized you need more from your collaboration Hub?
  • Have you started using Microsoft Teams but need help maximizing the value through, extensibility solutions, governance, enterprise voice solutions, Teams Rooms, or Adoption and Change Management support?

If you said yes to any of these questions, give us a call today.

Want to Know More About Teams? 

Find all of our downloadable Teams content all in one place including, infographics, comparison charts and our favourite tips & tricks!

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