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At its core, the modern workplace is about a change in culture, developing strategies in which to better leverage the latest, greatest technologies in alignment with business processes, and with the input from your people.

The goal?
To dramatically improve the volume and quality of innovation produced, rather than simply modifying or iterating on existing models.

At AMTRA, we believe that enabling productivity is more than just doing things faster.  It is about giving people and teams the power they need - when, where and on the device of their choosing. A productive team with the right platform, tools and support–regardless of work style or geographic location is a requirement to move your business forward.


AMTRA's Modern Workplace Managed service is designed to ensure organizations drive value from their investment in
Office 365 as well as ‘own’ their Modern Workplace program. From technical environment maintenance through to
governance, taxonomy and skill advancement, the service provides the plan to ensure success, analytics to see what’s
happening, the support and expertise to respond to actual usage as well as the industry best practices to keep up with
the fast pace of change of the industry.

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The service is customized to fit each organization's specific needs, however the core components of the program often include:

  • O365 Environment Sustainment 
  • Adoption Change Management 
  • Communication Strategy 
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Leadership Service 

O365 Environment Sustainment 

Office 365 changes frequently as new features are introduced and user interfaces change. AMTRA monitors the O365 roadmap and works with organizations to anticipate upcoming changes and respond with messaging and training for the User community, as well as provide assistance in assessing the impact of new features on governance, taxonomy, compliance, technical support and security.

Adoption Change Management
An Adoption Change Management program must be launched during the project phase of the O365 solution implementation. To drive value, the program continues past project delivery. AMTRA establishes a learning path, measures usage patterns and reinforces learning through multiple tools, methods and offerings. From new employee onboarding and regular ‘coffee talks’ through to Teams Apps, SharePoint portals and Q&A Bots, we will drive meaningful change.

Communication Strategy
An effective communication strategy is a critical component of a Modern Workplace program. AMTRA works with an organizations’ communication personnel to establish a sustainable plan, provide messaging materials and best practices as well as integrate all communications into the Adoption Change Management strategy. AMTRA provides templated materials to save organizations time and effort.

Support & Maintenance
AMTRA’s support team provides level 3 support for an organization’s support team. Further, administration guidance, performance dashboards and meeting room support assistance is also available.

Leadership Support
We offer tailored training, specific to executives and mid-managers, to help them run their business units, projects, teams and assets. This can include setting a cultural tone through the use of the O365 tools and include Executive Assistants and other support team members.

Value Proposition
Value Proposition

Leverage your Investment
Get the most out of your Modern Workplace, your people and technology, with continuous training, environment maintenance and new ways of seeking value.


Cost Savings
Save money, increase compliance and ensure usage by maintaining your environment and offering continued performance and training.


Resource Flexibility
Team of deep-skilled people to provide expertise beyond the capabilities of a single resource.

Advance Employee Experience
Teach people new ways of working with O365 and advance their Modern Workplace skills.

Google vs Microsoft Brochure
MICROSOFT VS GOOGLE: Modern Business Productivity

Are you looking to improve the productivity of your team? Are Microsoft and Google on your short list? Check out our comparison guide to see how the two stack up against the requirements of your organization. 

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Get easy protection and control of all your PCs, mobile devices, and apps. 

Easily get control of personal and company-issued mobile devices with tools built into Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). 

Give employees easier, more secure access to everything they need. 

Provide employees a simpler, more consistent way to access all their applications, websites and devices with a single sign-on using Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). 

Get protection that travels with your business data.

Easily attach encryption and rights management rules to business data to help prevent unauthorized access and use with Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and Enterprise Data Protection in Windows 10. 



Think about the handful of applications that you use everyday, no imagine trying to do your job without them. For business would slow down, or maybe even stop which is why a big part of AMTRA's Modern Device Management is making sure that business applications are compatible with each new release of Windows 10. Want to know more? Learn more about Modern Device Management using the link below. Or as always, pick up the phone to be connected with an AMTRA Productivity Master today. 

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