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Windows 11 Pro for Business is built for hybrid work and geared towards improving productivity and focus, making it the natural progression from Windows 10. Designed to support today's hybrid work environment, Windows 11 focuses on enhancing end-user productivity and allows you to easily enroll your Windows 11 devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager using Windows Autopilot with zero touch deployment. You can carry forward your current investments from Windows 10 including:

  • Update & Device Management
  • Apps & Tools
  • Security Settings & Policies

New Features 

The best Windows yet! Get things done with new features designed for every way you work, learn and play. Windows 11 brings your favourite Microsoft tools to life. Make everyday easier. 

Windows 11 is focused on enhancing end-user productivity and is designed to support today's hybrid work environment. It comes with a whole host of intuitive new features to ensure you remain organized and productive including:

  • Effortless navigation and an intuitive experience 
  • Snap groups and layouts that remember your apps and screen configuration
  • Intelligent collaboration with Microsoft Teams 
  • Easy adoption for IT using Windows 10 platform for consistency
  • Cloud managed updates 
  • Seamless local and virtual apps
  • Enhanced Windows Autopilot
  • Advanced security


Why upgrade to Windows 11?

Keeps you Safer

Multiple layers of protection keep your apps and information secure. Microsoft Edge security and SmartApp control protects you against compromised passwords, malware and malicious apps.

Boosts Productivity

Organize your digital life and optimize your screen space with innovative new tools like snap assist and desktop groups.

Easier to Use

Get things done faster with easy setup and personalization, universal search, and new accessibility features. Fast. Fun. Easy.



Are you ready to upgrade?

Our Windows 11 Readiness Assessment is the perfect place to start! We will complete a technical assessment of all your devices to determine eligibility for a Windows 11 upgrade and then move to a pilot deployment so you can try it out and see why this is the best Windows yet.  

Download Windows 11 Readiness Assessment Overview

Interested in Learning More?

Windows 11 gives you the freedom of choice, because everyone works differently. From frontline workers to the executive suite, each employee has different needs and Windows 11 meets them all. Connect with our team to learn more about licensing options and just how easy it is to upgrade to Windows 11!

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