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What would you do? Office Scenario Quiz

Check out our quick three question quiz and tell us what you would do in the these tricky office-scenarios, then check out Part 2 of our e-book: Worst Office Scenarios and learn how you can improve productivity, collaboration, security and more!

Happy New Year! 

While most people come back into the office refreshed and ready to rock the new year, all too often we come back and find more of what we remembered (and hoped to leave behind)! 

The good news is, we have been working on our "Worst Office Scenario Survival Guide" to help you understand how you can fix some of these issues, including how to:

  • Make work easier by simplifying business processes and improving collaboration
  • Improve creativity and gain insights
  • Increase security and compliance
  • Decrease the burden and stress of IT teams trying to manage your environment

But, as we were preparing to publish Part 2 of our guide (see the end of the blog), we realized not every terrible, no good, really bad office scenario was being addressed. So, we thought we would take a poll and see how you would handle these terrible situations.

Thanks for your help in answering our poll questions below! 

What do you do if there is only decaf coffee in the break room?
Postpone all meetings until the situation is remedied.
Go home and go back to bed.
Run to the nearest Tim's or Starbucks.
Steal your co-worker's coffee while they are at the printer.
Sob uncontrollably at your desk.

You arrive to work and discover you are wearing two different shoes.
Compliment a co-worker on their "fancy" shoes and ask if you can try them on.
Whip out a sharpie and start coloring.
Take your shoes off and tell people that it is part of your New Year's Resolution to be more Zen.
Refuse to get up from your desk to keep your shoes hidden.
Own it, you are a trend setter!

You are very hungry and just discovered your lunch has been stolen from the fridge.
Eat the questionable leftover bagel from the breakroom.
Visit the HR team and raid their bowl of candy.
Take it as a sign, you deserve lunch out!
Ask your office mate to share their lunch.

All kidding aside, we at AMTRA Solutions are workplace disaster averters and we’ve got a few creative solutions to get you out of any bind. In Part 2 of our "Worst Office Scenarios - Survival Guide," we outline how to remove creative roadblocks, avoid the guessing game and identify productivity roadblocks.

We outline how Office 365 will turn you into the Office guru. Use intelligent office features to make your work shine and Power BI and Excel to discover insights and analyze data to make informed decisions and quit the guessing game.

Part 3 is coming, but if you can’t wait and want to see these scenarios in a hands-on demo, give us a call to schedule your Customer Immersion Experience today. We will walk you through as many as 18 real life work scenarios made better by using improved processes supported by robust Microsoft technologies.

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