Our focus is on the fulfillment of roles with the best-suited candidates.

An a unique approach to IT resourcing

We understand that human talent is a key ingredient to a company’s success. Our goal is to understand your needs through extensive dialogue and gain a clear understanding of your goals and objectives in your talent search.
We invest time and effort to build long-term relationships with our clients and industry leaders and take a proactive approach to the recruiting process by actively networking with key players in our industry.

What we offer

Unparalleled Execution Capabilities

Unparalleled execution capabilities

AMTRA’s focus on client relationships and rapid response time to customer requests generates unmatched client satisfaction and industry-leading placement times.
Unmatched Responsiveness

Unmatched responsiveness

Our Account Managers are always available to clients, providing an unmatched level of service and accessibility.

Comprehensive database of IT professionals

AMTRA has amassed a comprehensive database of IT professionals and all recruiters maintain a list of highly qualified, immediately available talent.
Highly Qualified Candidates-1

Highly qualified candidates

Our Account Managers perform extensive due diligence and conduct hands-on preparation of individual candidates prior to meeting with a client's hiring manager. This comprehensive approach is designed to provide the client with one or two highly qualified candidates that meet their specific need.
Personal Attention

Personal attention

AMTRA’s Account Managers and Recruiters personally accompany candidates to job interviews. This level of personal attention to candidate presentation ensures that AMTRA’s consultants deliver a positive first impression and inspires confidence on the part of hiring managers.

Our process

At AMTRA, we work with organizations to implement strategies that improve the quality of new hires, streamline the acquisition of talent and contain costs.

1. Understanding the customer

We invest the time to understand the client’s business, their IT environment and the objectives they are looking to accomplish. Our goal is to treat each client individually and truly understand the outcomes they are striving to accomplish. Alongside these outcomes each client has a unique culture, and it is imperative that the IT resources being onboarded are aligned to this culture. In essence the more we understand about the client the better we are equipped to align the right resources and save valuable time from requisition to onboarding.

2. Quality requirement

By taking the time to clearly understanding what the client’s specific needs are for the respective position, the skillset required, responsibilities of the role and cultural fit we are able to source the right resource the first time. The time invested up front defining the requirements of the role saves significant time on the backend in reviewing resumes, interviewing the wrong candidates and go back and forth flushing out additional details. Knowing the client’s timeline to hire and interview process establishes our recruiting timeline to meet your needs.

3. Sourcing top talent

Our approach to securing top talent is to leverage our vast network of IT professionals. Our tenured team of recruiters consistently network to identify the best talent available. “Good people know good people”, therefore our approach is to always start with the proven talent that we know. From there we branch out with a referral-based approach targeting available talent as well as passive job seekers.

4. Quality candidate validation & screening

Identifying and connecting with IT talent is the initial stage in securing the right individual for a role, but the most crucial step within the recruitment process is the validation of the individuals technical and cultural fit. We conduct the initial screening of the candidates resume to determine their technical skill set, core projects supported, companies where they have worked, career progression and stability. The next step is a detailed phone / video conference interview assessing the candidates core technical skills, clearly understanding where they have worked and their responsibilities / deliverables, cultural fit and their career ambitions. These attributes are matched against the client’s requirements and relevant references are completed to provide an external perspective of the candidate’s skills and fit.

5. Profile presentation

Candidate profiles including the resume, references and skills summary highlighting the IT professionals fit for the role are provided to the client.

6. Interview / onboard

Interviews are coordinated with a clear understanding of preparation required and what to expect from the client and candidate. Once the interview process is complete and an offer is accepted, we work with both the client and candidate to facilitate a smooth onboarding process.

7. Relationship management

Once a candidate is placed, we are invested in the success of the individual and client deliverables are met. Consistent communication from day 1 with the consultant and client ensures the highest levels of satisfaction by both parties. Consistent communication on performance and expectations is a key to successful retention and delivery.

Interview tips for managers

1. Decide on what you are looking for, before you start the process.
2. Compose key questions that will draw out the key information you need to perform the job.
3. Ask the same key questions of every candidate.
4. Take notes during the interview.
5. Ask behavior-oriented questions.
6. Let the candidate do most of the talking.
7. Make your candidates feel comfortable.
8. Always do more than one interview.
9. Inform all applicants of your final decision.

Talent for you success

Full time or contract, for specialized skills or to give your team more bandwidth, no matter your resourcing challenges, AMTRA has the network, the process and the experience to ensure you get the talent that you need, right away.