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Threat protection solutions give you the visibility into threats across all your resources, tells you what’s most important, and the ability to respond swiftly across the organization.

With security information and event management and extended detection and response from Microsoft, defenders are armed with all the context and automation needed to stop even the most sophisticated attacks.

Why do you need Threat Protection?

  • Protection against malware attacks.

  • Helps you manage mobile devices and applications through Enterprise Mobility + Security (including products: Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection Premium, Microsoft cloud App Security, and Advanced Threat Analytics). 

  • Enables you to respond to threats and stop attacks using Microsoft Defender Advance Threat Protection, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Intelligent Security Graph. 

Stay Secure and Productive 

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a bundle of products that allow IT teams to retain control and ensure security even though employees want to work from their own devices. It allows you to control identity and access in the Cloud, gain identity driven security, manage mobile devices and apps, protect information and visualize desktops. 

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Protect your organization from threats across devices, identities, apps, data, and clouds. 

With Azure Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender, you can stay ahead of the complex threat landscape with integrated SIEM and XDR. You'll be able to automatically detect and stop attacks in real time, monitor threats across your organization and respond swiftly with AI that helps you prioritize what’s truly important.

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across an enterprise—fast. Azure Sentinel aggregates data from all sources, including users, applications, servers, and devices running on-premises or in any cloud, letting you reason over millions of records in a few seconds. It includes built-in connectors for easy onboarding of popular security solutions. 

With Azure Sentinel, you'll have a full overview of your security landscape to  identify and stop threats before they're made.

With SIEM, Azure Sentinel can detect and respond to threats faster that ever before. Plus, you'll be able to eliminate security infrastructure set-up and maintenance, while reducing cost as much as 48% compared to traditional SIEMs.

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Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Defender analyzes threat data across domains automatically with M365 Security.  It helps you detect and stop attacks at any stage in the kill chain process, returning your organization to a safe and secure state. 

Microsoft 365 Defender Capabilities include:

  • prevent cross-domain attacks and persistence 
  • reduce signal noise
  • auto-heal affected assets
  • hunt threats across domains

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Check out our Security workshops to learn more about how we can help ensure your environment is protected. 

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