Security has been in the news a lot recently, and that isn't going to change. We hear a lot about ransomware and viruses but what about user error, data corruption, or disasters that may cause data loss or outages?

Today's security requires a combination of people, process and technology, which - for many organizations is a complex and time-consuming proposition. Don't worry, AMTRA can help.

Our team of consultants can assess your current enterprise footprint and identify areas to mitigate security risks. Common best practices include:

Update your environment.

Staying current on your patches and updates is important! Those looking to do harm, often exploit discovered vulnerabilities in older versions. Did you know that users and organizations on Windows 10 were not targeted by WannaCry?

Data back-up.

Backing up your data can be the simplest way to avoid losing data due to human error. Understanding your loss tolerance is important for selecting the right back-up solution.

Disaster recovery.

Disaster recover solutions protect your business by giving you options for data and infrastructure redundancy in the event of a flood, fire, power outage etc. Data back-up alone won't keep your business running if you don't have the applications and infrastructure your business depends on.

Data compliance.

Having the right policies and procedures in place is critical for any organization. Without compliance. it is difficult for any security measures to be successful.


AMTRA's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is a bundle of products that allow IT teams to retain control and ensure security even thought employees want to work from their own devices. It allows you to control identity and access in the Cloud, gain identity driven security, manage mobile devices and apps, protect information and visualize desktops. 


Do you have the policies, procedures and technology solutions in place to keep your business up and running? If you have doubts, call one of our experts today to initiate a security assessment of your environment.