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June 4, 2020

 Are you looking to beef up your resume? Learn new skills? Land a better job?   
There are plenty of free online courses to help you brush up on your IT skills and make you a better employee or candidate for that elusive dream job. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop.
To get you thinking about the possibilities, here are 7 education providers that offer free online courses. Each of them provides great alternatives to help you learn a new topic, stay on top of trends or dabble in the latest evolving technologies 

  1. Microsoft Learn | Free online training and certification programs on Microsoft products such as Azure, CloudMicrosoft 365, Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Teams. Their self-paced learning modules include topic introductions, lesson plans and knowledge checks. They also offer certifications for different Microsoft tools and software.  

  2. EdX | An online course provider that offers University-level courses developed by non-profit organizations, schools and corporations. Their programs are free, and courses consist of interactive learning exercises, video tutorials, online forums and virtual textbooks.   

  3. Coursera | Their courses consist of on-demand streaming video lectures, self-paced quizzes, and hands-on projects. They offer more than 1,400 free coursesincluding Python, machine learning, data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, programming and web development. Users also have access to the Coursera user community where they can get feedback and ask questions.  

  4. Harvard Online Learning | Taught by Harvard faculty and staff, Harvard Online Learning offers courses in technology, including game development, artificial intelligence, web programming, Python, JavaScript, mobile app development and computer science fundamentals. Courses are self-paced and typically require 6-9 hours of commitment per week.
  5. Linkedin Learning (formerly Lynda) | An online learning platform, LinkedIn Learning features courses on programming fundamentals, CSS training, web development, networking basics, data science foundations and more. You can also find courses that will help you become an expert in Tableau, WordPress and Excel. 

  6. Udemy | Offers more than 10,000 tech training courses, with more than 1,000 of them being free. Courses include AWS, SQL querying, and an intro to cloud computing. Other topics include Hadoop, HTML5, CSS3, Salesforce, Tableau, RPA, DevOps and Linux.  

  7. Khan Academy | A non-profit educational organization, Khan's goal has always been to teach students online for free. YouTube videos are used to teach lessons and many of them have been translated into several languages 

What’s your IT passion? Why not get started now?

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