7 Things To Do While Job Hunting During These Uncertain Times

April 27, 2020

As companies move to remote work, an increasing number of workers are being laid off or given leave. So what does this mean for those searching for jobs?

Well, it means you should continue to network and send out resumes. Even though no one is hiring today, they will most likely be hiring in the future. We believe that those who continue to relationship-build and share their ideas will be in a better position when companies start hiring. Our advice is to keep networking and applying … but with a bit of a twist. Here's what we have in mind. 

Get Comfy with Networking Online
Given what’s happening in the world right now, you’ll need to look online for networking opportunities, as all events and social gatherings are likely cancelled for the foreseeable future. We suggest searching for like-minded professionals online and asking about virtual events.

Seek out professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn. Both offer a wide range of options with groups for every imaginable profession. Then, join the conversation, post and comment.  Oh, and make sure you keep the conversation professional by posting relevant articles and sounding in on topics that allow you to demonstrate your expertise.

Brush up on your Video Interview skills
Video job interviews are an increasingly common part of the hiring process, and a little preparation can go a long way to ensuring you come across as confident, comfortable and articulate. Things like how you dress, camera angle and backgrounds are all important and should be considered. Check out our article on How to Ace Your Next Video Interview for nine foolproof ways to have a successful video interview. They’re easy … and can make a huge difference in your success.

Stay In Touch
Have you recently had a promising interview and a job offer seemed to be on the horizon, but the company has now moved to remote work and it’s been crickets ever since?

What should you do?

Check in with the hiring manager by email, and acknowledge that they might be scrambling to help their employees get setup. You could say something like ‘I look forward to hearing from you when it makes sense for you and your Company.’ A little empathy goes a long way and if you can connect on a human-level, it will be remembered when they are ready to hire.

Another idea is to reach out and offer help. Maybe you’re skilled in running virtual meetings or online tutorials. Now would be a great time to share your ideas and expertise on how to keep their employees engaged and connected while working remote. This will demonstrate the type of employee you would be.

Like, Share & Comment
Staying ‘top of mind’ is another great tactic to being remembered when the time is right. Connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn and like, share and comment on their posts. If they post an eBook or Learning Guide, comment to show you’ve read it and that you have useful insights to contribute. This will also give them a sample of what you could add to the Company if you worked there.

Gather Intelligence   
These crazy times are a great time to get a glimpse into a Company's culture. Watch how leadership is dealing with this pandemic and treating employees by following them on social media and watching for media coverage (if they are a large corporation). Pay attention to whether or not employees are allowed to work from home and how they are supporting workers in other creative ways.

Boost Your Skills
Now is the perfect time to work on boosting your qualifications. Scrutinize job descriptions by listing each required skill and experience, then assess your skills.  Do you have the skill but haven’t used it in a few years? Or, are you lacking the skill entirely?  From here, determine what you need to brush up on to make yourself an even better candidate when the job market picks up again. Why not gain a new certification or complete an online course.

Take Time to Reflect
Take advantage of this slow down by getting clarity about where you want to work and the type of role you're looking for.  Create a one-page document that lists your ideal target industries, companies and job titles.  Focus on which companies you wish to work for and think about your role more broadly.  For example, would it make sense to apply for communication roles if you have marketing expertise or as a Project Manager if you’re a skilled Business Analyst or product lead.  

A great place to start is Microsoft's free online Training and Tutorials.

Now, take the time to focus on what you can control. If you lay the foundation today, doors will open up when this crisis is over.

Wanna chat about strengthening your skills? Send us a note info@amtrasolutions.com.

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