The Journey to a Modern Desktop

December 31, 2021

The workplace used to be predictable. You’d head to the office, sit at your desk, do your work, attend a few face-to-face meetings, then head home at the end of the day to do it all over again.

That ‘traditional’ model is almost hard to imagine today, where business moves quickly, and your office could just as easily be a coffee shop, your home office, or living room. The workplace has gone through a wide range of iterations as technology has evolved, and through some growing pains, and more than a year of hybrid work, we’ve made a significant leap into the modern workplace.

It's Not a Destination. It's a Journey. 

Getting to the Modern Workplace isn’t a clear-cut path or just a single step. Rather, it’s more of a journey than a destination. We like to compare it to a road your organization travels.

As you travel down the road, you’ll see many different vehicles. Some merge on and off, others are suited for a single purpose, while others have clearly been around the block and may be lacking in features after a few hundred thousand kilometers.

It’s a journey with no clear endpoint, where vehicles come and go, and the road continues forward as you gain new knowledge and understanding.


Hopefully … navigating the road becomes easier as you travel it. However, if you choose to jump from vehicle to vehicle, you may encounter creates roadblocks, forced delays and obstructions detours that complicate the journey.

Choosing what vehicle you choose can be a challenge. A taxi might be great for a quick trip, but you wouldn’t want to take one on a cross-country journey.

So, how do you know what vehicle will work best for your Modern Workplace needs? First, let’s start at the beginning at define what a Modern Workplace journey is, and what you can accomplish with it.

A Modern Workplace that works for you

At its core, the Modern Workplace is more than a set of technology upgrades or process efficiency solutions.

When effectively implemented, it empowers you to cross boundaries of work styles to get things done from anywhere, on any device, and at any time using secure tools that enhance the way the way you work. The tools should work seamlessly so you can focus on solving business needs in creative and innovative ways through collaboration. The modern workplace:

  • Evolves as needs change to provide answers to new problems and challenges.

  • Is flexible, open, cross-platform, cross-group, and cross-organization.

What features do you need to take on this journey?

Great question! You need the ability to easily connect to your peers with a good communication system. It needs to have the latest tech with a solid framework and engine that’s powerful, and has a reputation of reliability with great maintenance and support.


It needs to be comfortable and easy to use. There should be a wide variety of options and features available within arm’s reach to switch on when you need them.

You also need a good navigation system in the form of a solid roadmap that lets you see where you’re headed. It may sound like a lot, but all of these needs can be met with a modern workplace solution, powered by Microsoft technologies. Intrigued?

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