Can you afford not to migrate?

November 22, 2018

Did you know that in 2017:

  • Cyber incidents targeting businesses nearly doubled from 82,000 to 159,700, driven by ransomware and new attack methods. Online Trust Alliance, 2018
  • 93% of all breaches could have been avoided with simple cyber hygiene practices, such as regularly updating software, blocking fake email messages, and training employees to recognize phishing attacks. Online Trust Alliance, 2018

These stats, coupled with the notion that many cyberattacks are not reported, highlight the need for enterprises to implement proper security measures. 


So Why Windows 10?

Windows 10 was designed to be secure, facilitate your management efforts and create more productive computing experiences across devices. Here’s a summary of what Windows 10 can do for your business.  

1. Ransomware Prevention 
The Windows Defender Security Centre tool prevents ransomware from locking up your work and personal documents.  The tool allows you to white list and approve which apps can access and change files saved in the Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders. 

2.  Stronger malware security tools 
Windows Defender Exploit Guard scans for, quarantines and removes malware. In addition to ransomware protection, it includes tools that can be used to stop attacks, to block and quarantine malicious programs, and to isolate infected computers on your network.

3.  Safer Web Browsing
Windows Defender Application Guard (Enterprise & Professional) lets you use the Edge browser within a virtual machine. If an employee unknowingly contracts malware, it won't be able to damage the computer or the network, because it will be confined inside this virtual machine.

4.  Quickly Configure your business' computers
With Windows Autopilot, you can set up system configurations that can be downloaded from the cloud onto your business's Windows 10 computers. Employees can take a new computer, connect it to an office network, and it will automatically be configured to your business's required settings. This Windows 10 feature makes configuring, managing, and resetting your business' computers easier, faster, and more secure.

How can you afford not to migrate to Windows 10? Still not convinced? Download our Windows 10 Phased Approach, where we simplify your journey to Windows 10 into 4 proven phases.    

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