What’s the Difference Between OneDrive, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams?

May 26, 2020

As a leader, it’s important to put the right tools in your team’s hands so they can communicate and collaborate effectively. However, its easy to get confused with so many options on the market.

For instance, when and where would you use OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and/or Teams?

To help decipher, let’s start with one of the most important things to understand: Microsoft Teams and OneDrive sit on top of SharePoint.  Both are merely ‘layers’ on top of SharePoint that provides context around content. 

You are probably thinking to yourself, ‘well, that’s confusing.’ Don’t worry, think of it this way:

At a simple level, OneDrive is for ‘one user,’ Teams is for ‘a small group of users’ and SharePoint Teams is for ‘sharing and collaboration with everyone.’ Easy, right? 

OneDrive = Me
It is related to personal productivity, 1:1 communication or ad-hoc collaboration with internal and external people?

Teams = We
Does it involve day-to-day operations and collaboration with a specific group? Does it need to be more agile? 

SharePoint = Everyone
Is the information important to the entire organization? It is valuable for employees? Does it need structure or governance?


Once you understand the basics, then you can start to understand the nuances of each tool. To help with that, we created an infographic of 9 of these scenarios to explain when and why you would use each one. You can get that here:

Download Infographic 

As you will come to understand, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint each have a role to play in a strong collaboration strategy, based on your organization's work styles.

You really just need to keep in mind what information you’re sharing, and with whom? And most importantly, make sure you begin by establishing a strong foundation in SharePoint and governance across all tool sets. Don't forget, that content locations may change over time throughout it's lifecycle, so don't be afraid to move it as required!

Worried that this is going to be a big shift for your organization to make, understand and use appropriately? We can help, our team of Adoption and Change Management experts can support your team with training, communications and more to accelerate success. Send us a note info@amtrasolutions.com.

And be sure to watch for our upcoming blogs where we'll focus on each of these options separately.  


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