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5 Chatbot Challenges and How to Overcome Them

March 4, 2021


Chatbots are great - when they work. But what happens when they don't? 

According to Forrester Research, 63% of customers will leave a company website after one poor experience, and almost two-thirds will not wait more than 2 minutes for assistance. So what does this mean for you?

If you have existing chatbots or are considering incorporating them into your website, there are a few things to remember. Although some solutions are technical, many of them are quite simple and easily remedied. 

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Teams Calling | Deployment Best Practices

February 24, 2021

In our last blog, we talked about the latest and greatest Teams Calling Features. Now we’d like to talk about why Teams Calling should be the next solution you consider and how to successfully deploy it in your organization. 

The Research
Recently, Forrester Research completed a Total Economic Impact study of Microsoft 365 Cloud Voice adoption and the financial business case for Cloud Voice was compelling. Forrester concluded that Cloud Voice has the following three-year financial impact:

  • $9.5M in benefits versus costs of $2.6M
  • A net present value (NPV) of $6.9M
  • An ROI of 261%.
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Bot or Not? The World of Chatbots

February 18, 2021

Chatbots are the latest and greatest trend.

It seems everyone is talking about them and every business wants to figure out how to use them.

But, as with all trends, there are many questions left to answer:

  • What exactly are chatbots?
  • What types of chatbots are there?
  • What is their purpose?
  • How “smart” are they?
  • Should you invest in chatbots for your business?
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Microsoft Teams Calling | The feature your Company should be using

January 7, 2021

When you think about Microsoft Teams, you probably think about features like customizable alerts, @mentions, assistant bots, file sharing and together mode. But, have you thought about Teams Calling?

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Enabling Remote Work

December 3, 2020

Work is what you do, not where you go.

It almost goes without saying that the way we work will never be the same again. For business and technology leaders, the challenge is to find ways to achieve resilience. To meet this challenge, companies need solutions that elevate their workers’ experiences and productivity, securely from anywhere. They need to figure out:

  • How do we help our employees work more effectively?
  • How do we make it easy and reliable to access enterprise tools and content from anywhere?
  • How do we enable workers to connect with each other and access relevant data?
  • How do we introduce and encourage a unified approach to deploying and using productivity tools?
  • How do we protect our employees, data and infrastructure from increased security threats and vulnerabilities, while working remote?
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What’s the difference between an E3 and E5 Microsoft 365 license?

September 28, 2020

Choosing a Microsoft 365 license is a critical step before migrating to the cloud. With multiple options for small, medium and enterprise businesses, navigating the differences can get overwhelming.


On the surface, it’s a question of features, and for many organizations that's extremely important. Providing your users with the right tools is critical and making the right choice requires asking how your organization is structured, what were your reasons for migrating in the first place … and what’s really been holding you back.

With these questions in mind, it’s far easier to make the right choice, and when you ask what the difference is between an E3 and an E5 Microsoft 365 license, you’ll come upon a more meaningful answer than simply a list of bells and whistles. To help you wade through the differences, we’ve created a comparison to help you make the correct choice for your organization.

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Are you a Meeting Master?

August 25, 2020

‘Oh, yippee, another meeting. Woot-woot,’ said no one. Typically, the words boring, too long, unnecessary are what come to mind when you mention a meeting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I mean, we live in a modern world, so why not have a modern approach to your meetings. Here are 5 common mistakes and some ideas that just might make you a meeting master.

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SOS | Is your resume in need of an overhaul?

July 9, 2020

Looking for a new job? Time for a career change? Wellthen it might also be time for a resume update. More specifically, a resume overhaul to get you noticed and land that elusive job.    

But how do you get your resume to stand out from the crowd, or in today's world, get it to leap to the top of a massive resume database

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Windows 10 Poll Results

June 23, 2020

We took an informal poll of some of our clients and contacts, the results were interesting and confirmed a few things we have been wondering about for a while. Here is what we asked people:

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What’s the Difference Between OneDrive, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams?

May 26, 2020

As a leader, it’s important to put the right tools in your team’s hands so they can communicate and collaborate effectively. However, its easy to get confused with so many options on the market.

For instance, when and where would you use OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and/or Teams?

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