Recruitment has changed overnight

What can you do to get noticed.

The world has undergone many changes over the past few months, affecting how we work, where we work, how people look for jobs and the way companies look for new employees.

The hiring process has moved remote and the days of coming into an office for an interview are ‘so’ last year.

Technology is now the norm to find, screen, and interview candidates. Online collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are now the standard for conducting interviews and video resumes are fast becoming a new way to put your best foot forward.

What should job hunters do to strengthen their resumes?
Did you know that on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes and most recruiters take an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume. With so many resumes and so little time spent by recruiters, how do you rise to the top of the email pile?

We recommend you start by simplifying your resume. With recruiters scanning hundreds of emails, your resume has to be succinct and eye catching. It’s a good idea to reduce the number of words you use and focus on bullet points to get your point across. Make every word count.

Think about customizing your resume for every job you apply for. Make sure your resume meets the requirements and shows tangible examples of how you’ve delivered.

How do you get noticed?
A great start is LinkedIn.

It’s the place where recruiters congregate. In fact, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates. So, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, has no typos and includes a professional looking photo.

You’ll also want to be part of the conversation. Start participating in online networking events and forums. This will help you network and become engaged in topics of interest and connect you with like-minded individuals.

What can you do to improve your response rate from recruiters?
First, don’t get get too anxious.

Recruiters are busy and may not have time to move you to the top of their priority list. A good idea is to send a quick message via email or LinkedIn. Include a link to an interesting article or newsletter that shows you’re engaged, and also lets them know you’re still interested in the position. This will help stay you top of mind.

What should every candidate try to emanate?
Confidence is the one thing every job candidate should radiate.

Do your best to be confident in the interview – with your verbal replies and your body language. Smile often, ask questions and show you’ve done your research.

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Check out our past blog on the Top FAQ's about working with a Staffing Company.

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