Technology Decision Fatigue

Do you suffer from technology decision fatigue? You aren't alone, it can feel really overwhelming selecting a technology to support critical business functions. But what if it didn't have to be that hard?

We get a lot of questions about technology, which is understandable, as it comes with the territory. And although the technology landscape continues to evolve and many of the questions evolve with it, there is one question that has remained consistent: "How do I know if I am selecting the right technology for my business?"

For some, this question is so daunting that they enter a kind of state of decision fatigue causing them to:

  • Go with the brand they recognize, this is often referred to as the ambiguity effect experienced by people who are faced with a choice that involves uncertainty, especially those that are intense, complex or stressful. In the end they typically favor brands they recognize even if it is more expensive, have poor reviews or is missing features or functionality!
  • Make an impulse decision which is to say, they make or select an option with little thought. What thought is given is usually based on a simple heuristic such as "good enough" or "cheaper". 
  • Avoid or put off whatever the decision is, until it can't wait any longer. Often this procrastination has larger downstream implications for that decision.   

Do any of these sound familiar? 

Now, if you subscribe to Mark Zuckerberg thinking, he would say, that you need to eliminate the little decisions so you can save up your decision making brain power for the things that matter. But before you go invest in a wardrobe of grey t-shirts, we have something for you to consider. 

What if the technology you select is only a small part of it? What if to make better decisions you need to understand your capabilities across people, process and technology to understand how, what is new, can be integrated, managed and maintained? 

Without this broader thinking and a true assessment of these capabilities, does it matter which technology you select? Our newest infographic looks at the 7 most common missteps that could be the reason your technology project doesn't ever show ROI, needs massive rework or flat out fails and guess what? Only one of those seven is selecting the wrong technology. 

Download the Infographic

Now consider this: What if, you had access to a tool that could make all of this crystal clear, giving you a capabilities assessment and a detailed recipe book to help you close any gaps and make decisions.  Would you use it? Of course you would. Give us a call today, and ask about AMTRA's Capabilities Framework, no grey t-shirt required. 

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