Wanna Stand out at Work? Here's How.

Here are 8 things you can do to stand out at work.

Check out the top 8 ways you can stand out at work. 

  1. Know Your Strengths – Think of the top three things you’re good at. Now, get creative and think about how these strengths can be applied to your job. This will set you apart and help you to get noticed and appreciated.

  2. Improve on Your Weaknesses– Recognize an area of weakness you have and set your mind to continuously improving upon it. Take ownership of mistakes you’ve already made and learn from them.

  3. Be Confident and Professional– Appearing confident can be just as important as feeling confident. Dress to impress! Keep your appearance clean, neat and professional. Focus on your posture, communicate clearly and look people in the eye when speaking to them.

  4. Listen– Listen to those around you and acknowledge what they say. Pay attention, be personable and get to know people. Being genuine and sincere goes a long way in making an impression.

  5. Work Hard– Always go the extra mile. Yes, you should focus on your job and do it well, but also try to go above and beyond. Take a look outside your role.  Offer to help others, volunteer for new projects and show initiative when it comes to finding ways to keep busy.

  6. Communicate– Regularly check in with your peers and manager. Take initiative and voice any new ideas or thoughts you have. Share your goals and where you’d like to see yourself in the future. These things show you’re a team player and that you’re thinking long-term.

  7. Find a Mentor– A mentor can help guide you towards your career goals and aspirations. Think about what you’d like to achieve, then choose a mentor who emulates these qualities. It’s usually someone you admire and respect, and who is available to talk freely about career and workplace issues.

  8. Be Patient– Be consistent and continuously work hard, and the gratification will come. Always show up with a smile and positive attitude.

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