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A Zero Trust Approach to Security

January 21, 2021

With cyber security, the goal has always been simple – to maintain safe and stable business operations. While this goal may seem simple, the journey to get there is not always easy.

Evolution of Security
Way back when, security seemed so much easier. In the good old days, everything lived behind a firewall, within a corporate network. In the early 2000’s, access was granted through secure virtual private networks. This security revolved around the notion of ‘trust but verify.’

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Enabling Remote Work

December 3, 2020

Work is what you do, not where you go.

It almost goes without saying that the way we work will never be the same again. For business and technology leaders, the challenge is to find ways to achieve resilience. To meet this challenge, companies need solutions that elevate their workers’ experiences and productivity, securely from anywhere. They need to figure out:

  • How do we help our employees work more effectively?
  • How do we make it easy and reliable to access enterprise tools and content from anywhere?
  • How do we enable workers to connect with each other and access relevant data?
  • How do we introduce and encourage a unified approach to deploying and using productivity tools?
  • How do we protect our employees, data and infrastructure from increased security threats and vulnerabilities, while working remote?
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Securing Windows Virtual Desktop

November 27, 2020

IT leaders and security professionals are under increased pressure to keep everyone productive and connected, all while preventing evolving threats.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can deliver a full Windows experience to your workers, whether on-premise or remote, through the cloud. 

Although setting up a Virtual Machine host for Windows Virtual Desktop may easy, factoring in security takes more time. To help select and configure the proper security controls for your company, we’ve come up with some best practices for securing Windows Virtual Desktop.   

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The Multi-Factor Authentication 'Factor'

November 19, 2020

Microsoft has found that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) blocks 99.9 percent of automated cyberattacks on Microsoft platforms, websites, and other online services. As hackers continue to target user credentials and email accounts, we must be mindful of what we’re doing to protect ourselves.

But how do we bolster our defenses and employ better access controls? And what can we do to improve the security posture of our organization?

One defense to consider is Multi-Factor Authentication, which can be used to prevent a hacker from gaining full access to a network, even if a user's credentials become compromised.

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Making your devices work for you

October 29, 2020

In some ways, our workplace devices are our favorite co-workers. But, if you’re not careful, they can also expose you to serious threats.

Like a lot of people, I have a love-hate relationship with my devices. They do so many things well like keep us productive and collaborative … yet they could expose us to dangerous risks.

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Remote work security checklist | Is your business protected?

October 15, 2020

As organizations adapt to, and even embrace remote work, enabling productivity without sacrificing security is more important than ever.

Companies need to find ways to allow location flexibility, while also keeping data safe. Though there’s a lot that’s done on an infrastructure level to keep customer data secure, the truth is your company’s data is only as secure as the weakest individual link. Basically, as long as your devices are online, you’re at risk.

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Which Collaboration Platform is Best for Your Business?

April 13, 2020

Does the prospect of choosing a collaboration platform seem overwhelming to you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people wonder, with so many options on the market, where do you start?

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Unlocking the Value of Teams | A Closer Look at Multi-Factor Authentiction

April 8, 2020

Earlier this week we shared that Adoption and Change Management and Network are  critical to getting started with Teams, but have you thought about Multi-Factor Authentication?

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Windows 10 | Getting Current is as Important as Staying Current

February 18, 2020

Windows 10 Branch Management is an ongoing process, but even with the cyclical nature of the updates, there is still a ‘figurative’ finish line that needs to be crossed each time your organization updates your branch. Complicating things even more, each branch has a limited time-frame for support. As soon as you are fully modern, the clock starts ticking again.

Automatic Updates   
In Windows 10, security updates are downloaded and installed automatically. You don’t get a choice in the matter. And that’s largely a good thing. Too many people never take the time to keep up to date with security updates, and an unsecured PC connected to the Internet can become a problem for everyone. 

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Journey to MMD: Microsoft Managed Desktop

December 29, 2019

Microsoft's Managed Desktop solution is the most comprehensive option for getting current and staying current.  Read on to find out what you need to know: 

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