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Enabling Hybrid Work with Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Intune

Maintaining a competitive workplace means meeting new needs, particularly when it comes to hybrid work.

Maintaining a competitive workplace means meeting new needs, particularly when it comes to hybrid work.

A recent Forrester study shows hybrid work improves user productivity by an average of 60 hours per year1, while saving businesses 25% on travel costs and decreasing an organizations’ physical footprint. But perhaps the most compelling advantage is being able to attract quality workers in a time when recruiting and hiring is more challenging than ever.

Many job candidates say they want a hybrid working arrangement. So, the question isn’t whether or not to build your hybrid workplace, it’s how you can build it efficiently and securely.

To meet these criteria, you’ll need to focus on three components:

  1. A simplified management tool set so IT can respond quickly
  2. Strong, agile security measures to protect data and workers over the cloud’s large attack surface
  3. Building the best user experience possible so employees

AMTRA and Microsoft 365, with Microsoft Intune can help you meet all these needs. Plus, help you build a powerful, advanced hybrid work solution that supports today’s changing demands. Even better, you’ll do it with less cost, resources, deployment time, and risk.

  • Microsoft 365 reduces IT time and can potentially free up more than $479,000 in human capital that can be applied to other under-resourced projects.1
  • Windows, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Active Directory can reduce the data breach risk by 45 percent and overall identity management and access management costs by 50%1
  • Microsoft 365 can decrease endpoint protection times by up to 75 percent while eliminating an average of 15% of help desk requests.1

Want to learn more about how AMTRA, Microsoft 365, and Intune can help enable a secure and productive hybrid workplace? Download our eBook Building Secure, Hybrid Work.

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Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft 365 E3, commissioned by Microsoft, October 2022

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