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Microsoft Teams: Getting Started

Knowing where to get started with Microsoft Teams requires understanding your starting point. Get helpful resources to start your Teams journey.

When it comes to Microsoft Teams, the number one question we get asked by our clients is:

Teams sounds great, but how do we get started?

To us, this is a logical question. As big fans of Teams, it is not a question of IF Teams, but WHEN, and the pending end of life for Skype for Business is only accelerating this move.

BTW, if you think July 2021 is far away, think again. While deploying Teams may seem simple, what we have started to refer to as "the plumbing" can be quite complex. Trust us when we tell you: Get the plumbing right before you turn your organization loose with Teams.  It will save you a world of heartache down the road.  

So, when we get asked the question "how to get started," unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Ultimately, it depends on your starting point. For example, a quick Internet search and you will get a link to this awesome quick start guide created by Microsoft for end users to understand the basics:

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide (Click to download)

While we love the Guide, there is much more to consider before you give the go ahead to creating Teams and Channels!

  • Do you have your plumbing in order? (We have a checklist of 100+ items that we look for before deploying Teams, from your Network to Exchange Online.)
  • Do you have the right security controls in place?
  • What about governance? (Who can create a Team, are their controls for what they can name it?)
  • How do you optimize your Teams experience to ensure a great end user experience?
  • Do you have a plan for Adoption and Change Management support?

Is your head starting to swim? Don't worry! We are hear to help.

To help answer some of your questions, we have our new Microsoft Teams e-Book. Our e-Book provides an overview of everything you need to know about Teams including: FAQ, Top Features, Teams Alternatives, Licensing, and our favourite, a Teams Roadmap!

Download the e-Book today, and if you are still hungry for more, give us a call to see if you qualify for a Microsoft Teamwork Assessment.  Or book a Tech Talk session with our very own Microsoft Teams MVP, Michael LaMontagne.

Download eBook


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