Modern Workplace Collaboration with Teams

January 29, 2019


Teams represents a fundamentally different way of working, as it allows employees a way to interact and communicate.  It’s a hub of communication that facilities meetings, calls, collaboration and chat. By working together, people generate more ideas and feel more connected to their work.  All of which improves employee engagement and retention, and helps you realize your vision of a modern workplace.

Here are some ways Teams can help you realize a modern workplace:

Collaboration & Communication 
Teams meets the collaboration and communication needs of a diverse workforce, including chat, voice, and video. Within Teams, these functions are familiar and speed up employee productivity and communication.

Popular app integration 
Teams integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Power BI, giving employees all the information and tools they need. Teams allows employees to customize work spaces with tabs, connectors, and bots.

Enhanced meeting experience
Teams modernizes the meeting experience. Prior to a meeting, team members can review notes, and during a meeting, they can share content and hold the meeting using audio conferencing and video. Teams supports private and group meetings, scheduling, and calendar availability.

Teams integrates security
Teams includes enterprise-grade security, which is integrated with the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center and Azure Active Directory. This allows your Company to deliver identity and access management, and allows you to control your data and environment.

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To learn more about Teams and how it compares to Slack, check out our infographic. 

Teams vs. Slack Infographic

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