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Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR). What is it?

Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is the next step in our quest towards the ideal cybersecurity solution.

Creating and maintaining expertise and knowledge in managing cybersecurity incidents can be challenging. But unfortunately, it is not optional.

According to Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, ‘by 2025 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that offer threat containment and mitigation capabilities.’

But how do you maintain a strong cybersecurity strategy, while not overwhelming your IT team?

The answer | Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR).

MXDR differentiates itself from traditional detection and response security solutions by addressing:

  • Internal security skills gaps
  • Enhancing an organizations’ security strategies
  • Reducing advanced threats

To help you understand MXDR, we’ve outlined how it works, and summarized the benefits it can bring to your organization.

What Is Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)?
Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) can be defined as the most advanced detection and response security solution available. It includes rapid response and mitigation, supported by individual and technological support.

How Does MXDR Work?
MXDR proactively searches for, and identifies threats in endpoints and networks. Built upon MDR and XDR, MXDR has enhanced capabilities and better attack surface visibility. MXDR efficiency relies on multiple layers of protection that are hard to get from an organization’s security team. Tools and features include:

  • Non-stop monitoring | MXDR solutions automatically and proactively monitor endpoints and networks. This means 24/7 searching for threats. Alerts are initially triaged, then examined by the incident response team. If the team finds an attack, they then proceed to inspect and respond to it.
  • Managing vulnerabilities | If a weakness appears on an attack surface, MXDR will seek it out and raise an alarm. This helps you manage vulnerabilities before they can be found by cybercriminals.
  • Threat hunting | MXDR’s threat hunting goes beyond monitoring and alerting. It identifies malware deep in your environment, with the goal of spotting the threat before an alert is even triggered.
  • Threat Intelligence | MXDR provides information about ongoing attacks, new threats, and other cybercriminal activities. The best part? All of this data will help you recognize and respond to never-seen-before threats.

Benefits of Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

Using a Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) security solution can help you enhance the resources you have, receive higher expertise, and overcome alert fatigue.

Expertise & Experience

Forensic investigations and malware analysis often require a more experienced IT staff. Outsourcing these operations gives you access to professionals with specialized skills without having to find, employ, and keep such experts.

Alert fatigue
Alert fatigue can appear when employees must go through many security alerts. All the tools from all the endpoints send daily alerts. Dealing with all of these can make IT specialists make bad decisions regarding threat response.

Faster threat detection
Managed Extended Detection and Response solution makes sure that no threat goes undetected and exposes your organization to cybercrime. 

MXDR solutions are cost-effective compared to many other security measures. By outsourcing security, organizations can leverage the expertise of security professionals without the high cost of hiring and training in-house staff. 

Improved Risk Management 
MXDR provides organizations with the ability to identify and manage risk more effectively. This is because MXDR solutions use advanced analytics and machine learning to identify potential security threats.

How can AMTRA help?

AMTRA’s Extended Detection and Response solution will continuously check your communications systems, servers, endpoints, and connected devices for indicators of a cyberattack. Download our MXDR one pager to learn more, or contact us to learn what you can do to get started on your security journey. Contact Us

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