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December 11, 2018

I promise this is a blog about business processes, team projects, and individual responsibilities that can be done in a better way. But, first a story...I was watching a show and a woman was talking about a time she cooked a ham. While she was busy in the kitchen a friend that was over watched her with curiosity as she trimmed the end of the ham off before she put it into the roasting pan. When it was in the oven, her friend asked why she had done that ... she didn't know. "My Mom always cut off the end, I thought that is what you were supposed to do."

When they called her mother to ask her why that step was important, her mother explained she usually had to trim her hams because the roasting pan she used was too small, and the trimming was necessary to make it fit.

I use this example a lot when I speak about business process and productivity. Sometimes teams recognize that they aren't doing things in the most efficient or effective manner. Other times, like in the ham scenario, organizations or teams have done something the same way for so long, they don't stop and ask "why?" or "is there a better way?"

That is why I love the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE). If you aren't familiar with the CIE - at a high level, it works like this: 

  • You bring your team in to participate in the CIE.
  • A trained facilitator sets each person up with a fictitious role and a variety of device types outfitted with Microsoft 365. 
  • The facilitator then leads the group through a series of typical business scenarios and shows how they can be improved by using the advanced functionality of the Microsoft platform. 

While the scenarios are all scripted, what isn't scripted is how the CIE starts to take on a life of it's own. In every CIE I have ever observed the participants start getting excited and say things like:

"Hey remember when ____ was going on, that would have been so much easier if we had done this."

Sometimes it gets personal:

"Oh my (fill in name here), you always do that! You wouldn't need to anymore if you had this." 

This is when the power of the platform shines. When people see how the day to day can be done better, more efficiently, more collaboratively, and even more securely. 

And while all of this is amazing, sometimes it is hard to convince a team it is worthwhile to invest in a CIE, even in instances where a client might qualify for funding it is still a meaningful investment in time to participate.

To help paint a picture for the value of the CIE we created an e-book called the "Worst Office Scenarios - Survival Guide,"  We outlined the "what not to do's" and gave a 30,000 foot view of how the integrated, powerful Microsoft 365 platform can change everything. We are rolling it out in chapters. The first chapter has 5 scenarios you have likely encountered. By the end, you'll have 17 scenarios in all to review and consider if you are trimming the ham. If you are, let us know that you would like to participate in the Customer Immersion Experience and learn how you can do things ... a better way. 

 Download the Worst Office Scenarios Survival Guide

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