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SOS | Is your resume in need of an overhaul?

A clean, detailed resume that includes key skill set words will help you rise to the top. Along with layout and formatting, knowing what to include and emphasize can be overwhelming. To help you craft a masterpiece, we’ve created a template to guide you. Here are some helpful tips to think about.

Looking for a new job? Time for a career change? Wellthen it might also be time for a resume update. More specifically, a resume overhaul to get you noticed and land that elusive job.    

But how do you get your resume to stand out from the crowd, or in today's world, get it to leap to the top of a massive resume database

A clean, detailed resume that includes key words and showcases your 'wow' will help you rise to the top. Knowing what to include and emphasize can be overwhelming, never mind figuring out how to format. To help you craft a masterpiece, we’ve created a template to guide you. Here are some helpful tips: 

Be Clear and Concise 
Hiring managers and recruiters don’t want to spend a lot of time reading All they have time for is a quick glance, so you want to be sure you make the best first impression.  Use your opening summary to tell a story and entice the reader to continue reading, and be sure to include strong, concise bullet points to highlight your strengths and unique abilities.  

Demonstrate Purpose 
Put context around your words and demonstrate how you’ve made an impact in your previous jobs. Be specific when listing technologies and responsibilitiesand include the purpose of your workwhy it was importantany challenges you overcame and of course the outcomes.  

  • Be detailed. 
  • Keep information tidy and concise in bullet point format 
  • Use action verbs to describe task work 
  • Include power words (implement, migrate, support, troubleshoot, etc.) 
  • Explain the outcome  

Tell a Story 
Use storytelling to highlight your experiencesThis helps convey the skills you have, the new talents you've acquired, and your problem-solving abilities. This will give the recruiter insight into what you’re capable of, and how you can positively impact change in their organization.   

Get Specific 
Its important to acknowledge the technologies and versions you are familiar with, especially when it comes to technical resumesThese will equate to important keywords when your resume is being searched in those massive electronic scanning systems. 
To highlight these skills, try a line at the bottom of each role to summarize key technologies or put them in a skills matrix table or summary.* 
Formatting and Layout 
Make sure your resume is accessible to the reader. The proper layout will make your resume stand out and grab the hiring manager's attention within seconds Make sure you have all the relevant and important information front and center Its best to have your work experience description and key highlights on the first page of the resume. This will ensure your important traits are not overlooked.  

Check out our downloadable resume template to help you get started.

Download Resume Template

*Note | tables are not compatible with resume data bases and applicant tracking systems so best to leave out if applying for a job online.   

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