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ACM is Not A One-Size Fits All Solution

ACM is complex & includes disciplines such as communications, training, measurement, & more. Learn how to right-size what your organization needs.

Adoption and Change Management (ACM) has recently been getting more and more attention. We believe this is because modern technology implementations require it. Once upon a time technology roll-outs were more narrow in scope, focused on making your team aware of new features or functions. However, as robust technology platforms change how our organizations operate, so must how we roll it out.

Consider Teams

Teams is fundamentally changing how organizations communicate, collaborate and maximize productivity. So while many are just "turning it on," we would like to strongly encourage you to reconsider. 

Besides the technical implications, research shows that ACM is critical to maximize the total economic impact of your Teams deployment. Check out the TEI report from Microsoft and Forrester here: 

So, if you are on board with ACM, before you go shopping or engaging your internal change management team, recognize that ACM is not a one-size fits all solution and given the complexities of Teams, even seasoned change management professionals may struggle. 

When considering ACM as a wholistic solution: Strategy, Planning, On-boarding, Support, Training, Corporate Communications etc., it is important to understand not only your strengths, but also your gaps.

Next, look for a partner like AMTRA, that can be flexible in providing a solution to cover some or all areas of where an ACM or Teams SME would provide benefit to your organization.

To make it easier to evaluate your own Teams ACM needs, check out our Right-Sizing ACM Solutions Quiz and let us know if you have any questions.

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