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October 19, 2021

Solutions for the Device Deployment & Management Challenges of Today

The move to remote work has forced organizations to quickly adjust to radical changes in the way they conduct business. Central to these challenges is the question of how to provision, image, deploy, and support devices in a world where on-site technical support is no longer an option.

How does an organization provide end-user support when they can no longer send IT help to their desk? And how can all this be done in a way that increases both profitability and productivity? 

Modern Workplace. Modern Configuration.
Imagine if your employee received a new device, started it up, connected to Wi-Fi, and voila, the imaging process magically began? This is the notion of zero-touch deployment. Leveraging the technology of Microsoft's Intune and Autopilot, organizations can remotely image a new device, prepare a custom headset and deliver devices to their employees at home.

A modern approach to configuration means faster, easier, and more cost-efficient device refreshes.

A New Way of Thinking 
This all equates to a different way of thinking. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, each implementation must be customized to meet the users’ requirements ... and their need for security.

For example, the requirements of your marketers will differ from your sales executives, developers and project managers. and therefore, require a unique implementation. With automated deployments (think AutoPilot), the optimized configuration is pulled, as soon as a user enters their credentials.

Surface + AutoPilot = A New Way of Thinking
And while we're thinking about new ways of working, we might as well through talk about what we think the ideal deal device for remote provisioning is - the Microsoft Surface, of course.

Its modern design has a reputation as the ultimate convertible device. More and more, people are discovering how Surface provides unparalleled flexibility in their workflow and where they conduct their work.

The Surface allows for a zero-touch deployment, allowing you to get the most out of your hardware and software investments.

Complete Lifecycle Device Management
Ideally, an approach to modern deployment should be part of a larger device life cycle management program. That’s why its important to look for a partner who would be responsible for the modernization and health of your devices throughout their life cycle.

This partner would assess, deploy, implement, service, and ultimately act proactively to eliminate downtime and business outages for your team.

If you're looking for a partner with a strong track record of helping customers take a proactive approach to device life cycle management, that factors in security, and supports workers no matter where they choose to work, send us a note.

Or, if you're interested in learning about new solutions for modern management, then sign-up for our Endpoint Manager Immersive Experience! You'll gain a hands-on experience on to simplify and optimize the way you manage your endpoints.

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