The Microsoft Surface 2 Hub ... A Daring Attempt at Transforming How we Work

November 20, 2019

Imagine … a world where everyone in your office collaborates.
Imagine … a world where collaboration and teamwork are valued.
Imagine … a world where creativity and productivity are encouraged.
Imagine … working in a new way, in a new space, designed for collaboration.

Well, that world isn’t that far from reality. Introducing the Surface Hub 2, an interactive, wall-mounted whiteboard that is optimized for teams that want to connect, co-create, and produce with others regardless of their location.

Built for Collaboration
The Surface Hub is built to help teams collaborate, whether they are in the office, at home, or working on the other side of the globe. Rather than just passing information along in an email to be dealt with later, the Hub encourages on-site, on-demand communication and feedback.

To facilitate this instant collaboration, the Surface Hub 2 lets multiple users sign in with their Microsoft account, allowing everyone to access files without grinding productivity to a halt. Connected to Microsoft Teams, the Hub is still a Windows PC, but the large touchscreen device makes on-the-go brainstorming and strategizing as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Backed by Research
The benefits of collaboration are backed by research. The Steelcase Active Collaboration Study 2019 looked at collaboration in the workplace and identified gaps that exist between how people currently work and how they’d like to work. The study found:

  • 72% of people want to move when collaborating, yet only 53% can
  • 62% of people say they can’t move their furniture, but would like to
  • 70% would like to use an interactive collaboration device, but only 42% have access to one
  • 66% say they lack technology to visually display work
  • 70% of people are still trying to collaborate in traditional conference rooms
  • 75% of traditional conference rooms are enclosed, 81% of collaboration sessions are scheduled, and only 19% are spontaneous.

These numbers are intriguing, and indicate a shift from a scheduled work space to one that is more dynamic and interactive.  People want the freedom to take their ideas to any space and huddle where they can create, learn and problem solve.

Perfect for any space
The Surface Hub 2 is a fully integrated design that comes with a choice of screen size, and flexible mounting options. It comes in a 50- and 85-inch version and scales and adapts to your space through the tiling of up to 4 screens together in portrait or landscape view.  A dynamic rotation feature allows your employees to use the best orientation for your content and the easy-to-use mounts facilitate mobility and enhances the capture of ideas.

Interested in learning how the Surface Hub 2 can transform your work space? Let us demonstrate for you.  Send us a note or call 1.855.326.0533. 


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