Windows 365 and the Employee Experience

Hybrid work is here stay and organizations need to think about the work trends.

Hybrid work is here to stay. A recent Gartner report showed that ~48% of employees will work remotely at least some of the time, compared to ~30% in 2019.

With so many employees going between home and the office, its more important than ever to build in-person connections when at the office - while having the opportunity to maintain a flexible schedule. Workers of today want it all! 

The People Have Spoken
These workers want the flexibility + in-person collaboration.

So how do you keep everyone happy?

The answer?
Windows 365 Cloud PC.  

Employee Experience is Key
Employee experience is a top priority for organizations.
HR and IT teams need to provide flexible work options and equip their teams with the right tools and technology to get the job done.


Windows 365 is the cool kid on the block.
It's a cloud-based service that streams your personalized Windows desktop experience to any device including all your apps, content and settings.
Each Cloud PC is assigned to an individual user and is their dedicated Windows device that provides the productivity, security, and collaboration benefits of Microsoft 365. 


Everybody Loves Windows 365

IT teams love Windows 365 because it's fast and easy to set up and deploy using familiar tools and skills sets.


End-users love Windows 365 because it streams their personalized virtual desktop to any device. They simply log on through their browser for that familiar feel - and it's always up-to-date and ready to go. 


Powering Hybrid Work

Enhanced user experiences + Ease of set-up + Connected people to company resources = Powerful hybrid work.

From information workers to frontline and temporary workers, Windows 365 is 'the' solution. 
To learn more about who Windows 365 is made for, download our User Persona Infographic. 


W365 User Personas


If you're ready to see how Windows 365 can work in your organization, our Next Generation Windows Workshop is the next step. For more general information on Windows 365, and how AMTRA Solutions can help you along your journey to cloud-only, head to our Windows 365 webpage or contact us today!

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