Stay Productive, While Working Remote

March 17, 2020

With the spread of Covid-19 affecting everything from travel to the availability of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, mitigating the virus around the world has become a growing concern. That’s why many companies are mandating or recommending that employees work from home.

Although it may be your dream to work from the comforts of your couch, remote work is not without its challenges.  Have you thought about how you will stay focused and productive?

To help, we’ve devised some tips to keep you on-task and mentally healthy, while working from home.

Set Guide Rules | Establish some basic ground rules around your availability and when you’ll be online and engaged.

Location, Location, Location | Find a dedicated and comfortable spot to work from so you can associate with your job and leave when you’re off the clock.  In other words, get off the couch … and out of bed.

Report in daily | Call in daily to report on ‘what you’ve done’ and ‘what you’re doing.’ Make your updates short, and simple.

Be Punctual | Start and join meetings on time. Punctuality is important and everyone’s time should be respected.

Use Collaboration Tools | Communication tools like Microsoft Teams allows you to conduct a meeting, take notes, share your screen and get immediate feedback.

Be Face to Face | Turn on your video when on a call, no matter how “bad” you look (but don’t pressure others to do so).

During this time, managers should remember that not every employee actually wants to work from home, and that the shift can be very stressful for some. Communication is key. Give employees as much information as possible to ease the burden caused by the disruption and change in their work routine.

If you'd like more information on how to enable a remote workforce, send a note to or fill out our Remote Work Readiness Assessment to see how 'ready' you are for a remote work environment.



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